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Ianuarius Richie Ref. JR001R Review Score 85%

Ianuarius Richie Ref. JR001R Review

This not-exactly inexpensive quartz is made of the right stuff, with rose gold and sapphire giving it good looks and great durability. The Ronda 704 quartz movement isn’t commonly found on watches released from microbrands, either. It competes directly with the Corniche Heritage 40, and in my opinion, it gives the Corniche a solid run for its money. The JR001R is a well styled, well made dress watch with little in the way of drawbacks.

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Relooking at the Recraft: the Seiko SNKM97

I'm currently sitting in my hotel room at the Linq Hotel in Las Vegas, and the SNKM97 is the perfect companion. It looks totally at home on the strip, and its green and gold color scheme practically screams "high roller". While this budget timepiece may not really be a high roller, it looks the part and feels great on the wrist. Check it out!

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WYCA was launched on the belief that affordable watches deserve a little bit of love. With kind regard to the premium brands that continue to inspire us with their stunning creations, our eye leans toward the truly special and unique affordables that are interesting in their own right.

We purchase the majority of the watches we review and run long-term updates on the timepieces in our collections. We also work with small independent watch brands and crowdfunded watch projects. The watch community is enjoying a renaissance of sorts, where people can come together to turn a dream into a reality. We love those kinds of stories and the watches they create.

Our watch reviews, including the media and photos in them, are created by the people that wear the watches. They are authentic and based on our first-hand experiences. Learn more about how we review watches and about us.

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The movement to a watch is what an engine is to a car. Our love for the wristwatch extends to any well made timepiece, whether it has a battery or a mainspring inside.

We believe that the mechanical wristwatch is an incredible piece of engineering; a proverbial beating heart that can tick more than a billion times over the course of its life. In each review, we assess the movement and test its accuracy; long-term reviews discuss its reliability and lifetime accuracy.

When a watch is an excellent example of the best you can find at its price point, we add it to our picks. These are our favorite- check them out!

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A lot of amazing engineering goes into a wristwatch. Today, there are more types of watches than ever before. It’s definitely a great time to be a watch person!

We’ve put together a basic primer on watches, including the most popular types and the lingo people use when describing them. Learn more about watches here.

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Seiko 5 SNK809 Automatic Review Score 88%

Seiko 5 SNK809 Automatic Review

It's hard not to appreciate what Seiko offers in the 5 series. The SNK809 is a good looking, basic automatic watch that offers little frills... and has a diminutive price point to match. Whenever anyone starts getting into watches, the most popular recommendation for a first automatic is - by far - a Seiko 5. Buy a couple of complimentary straps and you can wear it just about anywhere, anytime. This is such a great watch.