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Tissot was founded in 1853 and has a legacy of building attractive watches at reasonable prices. They are part of the Swatch Group and are headquartered in Le Locle, Switzerland. Tissot has extensive history in sports, including cycling, fencing, ice hockey, formula one, and more.

Tissot is a reputable Swiss manufacturer and is generally well-regarded.


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Review Summary

There are just a few small quibbles that kept the T-Touch Classic from scoring perfect. It’s the quartz watch that can be dressed up or down easily, looks great with just about anything, and has great functionality built in. I refer to it as the Grown Up’s Timex because it packs a ton of great features (and backlighting) into an attractive and distinctly adult timepiece.

Tissot T-Touch Classic Technical Specifications

Model Number




Case Diameter



Quartz, E49.301


Timer, Chronograph with Lap Time Split, Alarm, Compass, Tide

Battery Life

Approximately 3 years

Water Resistance


Crystal Material

Tactile Sapphire Crystal

Operating the Tissot T-Touch Classic

This watch has a lot of functions built in and most are accessed via the touch sensitive crystal. To activate most functions you press the crown for 1 second- after doing so the “T” symbol will flash on the LCD screen. To activate the backlight, hold the crown for 10 seconds.

Note that due to the number of functions the T-Touch is capable of that I will not outline how to use them all. Read the complete user manual here.

How To set the time:

  • Press the crown for 1 second
  • Tap the center of the glass to alternate between T1 & T2
  • Press and hold the button above the crown for 2 seconds- this activates the setting mode
  • Press and hold either button above or below the crown to move the minute hand in the respective direction
  • Once set, press the center of the glass to validate the time

How To set the date:

  • Press and hold the crown for 1 second
  • Tap the center of the glass until the date is displayed
  • Press and hold the button above the crown for 2 seconds- this activates the setting mode
  • Push the buttons above/below the crown to move the date forward/backwards respectively
  • Press the center of the glass once set to confirm the setting

Tissot T-Touch Classic Aesthetics & Design

I think that this is a fantastic looking watch. The stainless steel case is two-toned polished/brushed, and it really showcases the dial well. The stainless steel bracelet has similar treatment ad completes the aesthetic. It’s slick, no doubt.

The dial itself is relatively uncluttered considering how much is crammed on there. The LCD screen takes up the lower third of the dial and blends in- the screen doesn’t differ in color from the dial unless you activate the backlight.

It’s a good size on the wrist, too. For most men, the T-Touch Classic will feel right at home.

The engraved compass indicator is a nice touch, as they are obvious but not obtrusive. It makes it clear that this watch has many functions built in without having to spam them all along the bezel. The entire setup looks and feels premium.

Tissot T-Touch Classic Build Quality

My experience with the T-Touch Classic has been quite positive, despite the lower button popping off after taking a slight impact. Thankfully, the repair was covered under warranty at no cost to myself.

Crystal, Case, and Dial

The sapphire crystal shows fingerprints, though it’s mostly because most functions of the watch are activated by tapping the screen. Want to use the chronometer? Press the crown and tap the respective spot on the screen. Of course, this is an invitation for fingerprints.

The case has held up well to continuous use. Over the two years that I have owned it, the T-Touch Classic shows average wear despite above-average use. This is pretty typical of steel watches, though this one feels a bit more durable than most.

Overall I’m impressed with this Tissot.

Strap and Clasp

The stainless steel bracelet is heavy, as is the deployment clasp. Both pieces feel strong, as they should, and neither even hints at failure. The deployment clasp will not release unless you press the buttons. I’m a fairly strong guy and was unable to pull it apart. Because of that I would feel confident wearing this watch in almost any situation.

The two-tone finish of the steel has also held up well, with the brushed inserts showing a bit more wear than the polished portions (which surprised me a bit). Overall, I have no complaints in this regard.

More About the Tissot T-Touch Classic


Tissot is using the quartz E49.301 movement to power the T-Touch. As it is essentially a computer, it is accurate to within a fragment of a second per day.

It also has not required a battery change despite my surpassing the three year ownership mark.

Overall, the movement is easy to overlook in that it does its job and gives you no reason to think about it.

Value for Money

Would I pay $700 for the Tissot T-Touch Classic? Absolutely I would.

For that kind of money you can get yourself into some nice Swiss automatics or higher-end quartz watches, and I feel the T-Touch Classic fits right into that bracket. It stands apart from its peers due to the sheer number of things its capable of, and it doesn’t look or feel like a computerized watch. In this respect, the T-Touch Classic does a fine job of bridging the gap between digital and quartz.

Despite one of the buttons falling off, I feel the T-Touch Classic is built well. If I hadn’t smucked the watch against a metal desk I’m sure the button would have remained intact, and the repair was covered by warranty regardless.

I have high praise for this watch.

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