Author: Akil Wingate

Best Outdoor Watches

Outdoorsmen and weekend warriors rejoice! There are even a gaggle of adventure watches built to resist the rough off road terrain, weather the rigors of your BMX adventure or even resist the ravages of in-climate weather. These outdoor timepieces are built for you: men who slough off the slings of the wilderness or the desert like it’s another day at the office. Our picks for best affordable outdoors watches line up nicely…   VICTORINOX Anything under the umbrella of Victorinox, the stellar brand that curates Swiss Army Knives, could fit perfectly here in this space. The fine folks at...

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Best Mechanical Watches For Men

Mechanical, or automatic, watches are a curiosity. The more tech leads watch making into a future of connected apps and gadgets, the more designers still clamor to create traditional timepieces. Why? Aesthetically they’re beautifully rendered. Functionally, they tick perfectly without a shred of slowing down years into their lifespan. And classics never get old. So with our glasses raised to the longevity of mechanical watches, here are four of the best affordable mechanical watches on the market now.   Bulova Men’s 160 Series Bulova has long kept dual postcodes in both the luxury upmarket and affordable markets for timepieces....

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Top 5 Men’s Watch Brands

We’re a complicated lot us men. Finding the right tie to match the right suit to compliment the right girl and the right car only get more complicated when we want to keep it all synchronized fluidly…with the right timepiece. And not all watch brands are created equal. This is an unwavering truth. But the ones that rise above the clutter of just ordinary and average watches are the ones to ride or die for. Here is a list of the top five best men’s watch brands…according to us.   NIXON Nixon solidly sets its planks in the sand,...

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