Author: Don Camacho

Timex: The Story & History Behind an American Watchmaking Icon

This article will be an interesting one mostly because it’s quite a personal one for me. People can usually define the earliest time that they became a watch fan: whether that it was a personal memory between you and a family member, or you had a life-altering experience between you and a timepiece, everyone has that moment in their lives. Mine was in 1993, my birthday, and my parents brought me to the department store. I wanted this remote control car but I saw this watch. It was a pretty nondescript analog faced wristwatch, but it had writing on...

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Movado M125 Hands – On Review

Movado M125 Hands-On Review Movado: An Underrated Brand Well, hello everyone! FIrstly, let me introduce to you something special and in my opinion, does not get enough recognition or respect within the watch community: Movado. Established in 1881 in Switzerland, a small watchmaker named Achille Ditesheim hustled his way through and in 1905, built a company that’s worthy enough to adopt the name ‘Movado’. Translated as ‘always in motion’ in Esperanto, they were focus on innovating, and changing the landscape of horology. Throughout the 1900s, they followed the ‘Art Deco’ movement, focusing on timepieces as art work with visual...

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