Mumford MicroSet Watch Timer Review

Summary: The Mumford MicroSet watch timer is available in several versions. I purchased the “all-singing-and-dancing” MicroSet Pro kit but, as it turns out, I could have saved some money. I discovered that I really don’t need the advanced features (and don’t know how to use them anyway!). Forget the software and …

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Battle of the Tide Watches: Casio G-Shock vs. Nixon Lodown

Summary: The Casio G-Shock GLX-150 and the Nixon Lodown take two different approaches to tracking time and tides. Both have advantages and disadvantages and one common feature: poor displays. Background Summer brings short-sleeve shirts and a chance to show off your wristwatches. Big dive watches, fancy chronographs, custom straps and loud, …

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DSW G.A.3 Watch Review

Summary: The DSW G.A.3 dive watch is a paradox. It has a serious 1,000 meter depth rating but it seems more suited to sport or casual wear. It looks good on the wrist, however, and for many owners that may be all that matters. Background The dive watch crowd is an …

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Mühle-Glashütte 29er Watch Review

Summary: Mühle-Glashütte is probably one of the lesser-known German watch manufacturers but their watches have a unique look and style that can’t be mistaken for any other brand. It’s not easy to choose a favorite Mühle-Glashütte wristwatch, but the 29er hit all the right buttons, with a perfect combination of sport …

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Casio G-Shocks and a Waveceptor

Summary:  The Casio G-Shock needs no introduction. With millions of G-Shock fans worldwide and hundreds of different designs, shapes and colors to choose from, the G-Shock (and Casio wristwatches in general) are among the most popular in the world. Here’s a brief look at three very different G-Shocks, along with …

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Stolas Harbormaster Gennaker Review

Summary:  Stolas is a new watch company and the Gennaker is one of three watches in the Harbormaster series. It is a stylish timepiece with dive watch specifications and a hacking, quick-set date movement. The Harbormaster Gennaker sailboat theme lends itself very nicely for boating, sailing or other watersports. Background …

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