Author: Chris Tulumba

The Chrono Series by Crownarch

Taken from the Chrono series by Crownarch, this watch comes shipped in a beautiful black and glossy wooden box, which oozes style and charm. This handsome watch finished in rose gold and an ocean blue dial is a true conversation starter an unconventional pairing of colours but one in which the risk has paid off. Priced at $175 USD including free shipping and returns screams short of great value and some may even consider it a bargain. The Chrono-r1, is housed in a rose gold casing and is striking with its ocean blue sunray dial.The advanced plating technique used...

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Nail Fathers Day: Five Affordable Watches Dad Will Love

Nail Fathers Day: Five Affordable Watches Dad Will Love There’s nothing like a fine wristwatch to make a man look and feel great. Next to their birthdays, Father’s day is the one day per year all about our Dad’s. This year, if you’re down to make your dad feel like the champion he is, you’ll be happy to know that you can do so with a timepiece that doesn’t have to cost you a kidney to afford. I’ve hand-picked five pieces – some reviewed on WYCA already, and others that I’d love to see in my own collection –...

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The “Ridge” – Wooden Watches by

Exploring the great outdoors sans technology is the perfect way to make sure your summer is one full of relaxation, adventure, and possibility. The best way to ruin a hike as you’re trekking down a trail, up a mountain, or through a forest, as you feel the sun on your back and rocks beneath your feet, is the out-of-place blaring of your smartphone as you receive yet another notification. Turn off your technology without worrying about keeping track of time! That’s why I wear a watch, particularly my wooden watch called “The Ridge,” by Apache Pine. Purchased over on...

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