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Extra strap on the Beacon Watches Pathfinder

Watch Straps and Bracelets

Now that you bought that beautiful new watch, how about customizing it to your tastes with a new strap or bracelet? Removing the old strap or bracelet and installing a new one isn’t very difficult; see our video (below) for more information. I’ll cover the tools and other strap/bracelet removing …

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Vostok Amphibia Review

Summary:  Call it the Amphibia (correctly); call it the Amphibian or call it the Восток Амфибия. This beloved automatic is an inexpensive workhorse and a favorite of collectors world-wide. Background The story of the Vostok Amphibia (aka Amphibian) has been told many times. The Vostok, or Вoctok (“East”) is one of the most popular collectible …

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Timex Sport Luxury Automatic Review

Summary:  It’s a Timex and it’s not quartz!  Relatively expensive for a Timex with an automatic Seagull movement.  Slightly top-heavy, cheap-feeling bracelet and hard-to-read dial make it an iffy purchase.  Are there better deals to be had?  Read on… Background From what I can tell, Timex doesn’t get much respect. …

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