Glycine Eugène Meylan Review

Summary:  Beautiful combination of retro and modern with a nod to the venerated founder of Glycine Watch. Background Eugène Meylan founded Glycine Watch SA, located in Bienne, Switzerland, in 1914. The Glycine Eugène Meylan wristwatch is a tribute to Meylan who, according to the company, was an “uncompromising watch engineer …

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Glycine Observer Watch Review

Summary:  A flieger-style watch with an easy-to-read face, classic proportions and the workhorse ETA 2824-2 movement for reliability and accuracy. Background The Glycine Observer is a difficult-to-find wristwatch. It is made in Switzerland in the “flieger” (German for ‘airman’) style. Flieger watches are so-named from the styling given to the …

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