Seiko SARB065 Cocktail Time

Seiko SARB065 Cocktail Time Review

In 2010, Seiko released the SARB065 Cocktail Time. A classic watch, and one that will enjoy decades of relevance, is a hard design to pen. Of course, the Cocktail Time is among those that get it right.

In my hands, I have the SARB065, aka the “Cocktail Time Cool”. Before I move on to the updated Presage Cocktail Time next month, I wanted to get hands-on with the aging SARB065 so that I had an accurate basis for comparison when I get hands-on with the new one.

Seiko Prospex Solar World Time SSC509

Seiko Prospex Solar SSC509 World Time Review

If your New Year’s resolution involves travel plans, you’re going to want a watch to come along for the ride. Frequent fliers will especially appreciate this Seiko Prospex World Time, both for its functionality (more on that below) and its build quality. Currently listed for just under $300 on Certified Watch Store ($278 actually), the Prospex Solar World Time is price competitive with most Citizens (in fact, it’s priced much better than most Citizen world time’s) and offers its wearer an assortment of functions/complications (including an alarm and chronograph function).

Best Mechanical Watches for Men

Best Mechanical Watches For Men Priced Under $1,500

A common question we get on our Facebook and YouTube channels is “what are the best mechanical/automatic watches under $X”. The $X changes, but the sentiment in the question does not. It’s a good question, too, as there’s never been a broader selection of mechanically-powered watches than what’s available today.

In this list, I’ve called out my favorite automatic or mechanical watches priced under $1,500. A notable caveat: if the watch is an automatic, the movement must be able to be hand-wound like a non-automatic mechanical movement.

Seiko Recraft SNKM97

Relooking at the Recraft: the Seiko SNKM97

I’m currently sitting in my hotel room at the Linq Hotel in Las Vegas, and the SNKM97 is the perfect companion. It looks totally at home on the strip, and its green and gold color scheme practically screams “high roller”. While this budget timepiece may not really be a high roller, it looks the part and feels great on the wrist. Check it out!

Seiko SARB017 Alpinist Automatic

Seiko Alpinist SARB017 Review

The Alpinist came as a true shock: a great looking, well-spec’d automatic from a world-class manufacturer. It’s comfortable to wear, durable, reliable, and accurate. In the USA and Canada, it’s also an uncommon watch to find. The best part of all of this is its price, coming in well under $400. Great work, Seiko.