Sea-Gull M222s Review

Summary: The Sea-Gull M222s has outstanding quality in this price range and many surprising features. It features an easy-to-read, no-nonsense dial that is a perfect blend of modern and retro styling. Background A “Watch Idiot Savant” (aka “WIS”) is someone who knows and cares way more about wristwatches than any …

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Practical Watch Adjusting

Summary:  Highly detailed book that describes the tools and techniques needed to maintain mechanical watches of all types. Although there is way too much information and complexity for the average collector, it’s a fascinating look at what’s inside a watch case and everything that makes it tick. Buy Practical Watch Adjusting at …

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mCa Watch Review

Summary:  Interesting inexpensive Chinese watch is very accurate and has a few unusual features. Not easy to find and the price has risen over 600% since its introduction, but it is very accurate nicely finished. Background The mCa wrist watch has to be one of the most obscure brands on …

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How to Replace a Watch Battery

Summary:  With the right tools, anyone with basic mechanical skills can replace a watch battery.  But first, you’ll have to know how to remove and replace the case back, which is the trickiest part of a battery replacement. This article describes one method for removing a snap-on type case back …

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Zodiac Oceanaire Review

Summary:  Progeny of the famous and beloved Zodiac Seawolf of the 1960’s, the Zodiac Oceanaire is worthy of continuing the legacy. But will it be the last of a long and storied line? Let’s hope not! Background Let me start right off by saying that the Zodiac Oceanaire gets little …

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How to Choose a Watch Box

Summary:  All watch boxes are not created equal!  This article will explain what to look for and why cheaper is not always better! Background When you own more than one watch, you’re a collector. And once the collecting bug bites, it’s hard to stop, especially when there are some really …

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Extra strap on the Beacon Watches Pathfinder

Watch Straps and Bracelets

Now that you bought that beautiful new watch, how about customizing it to your tastes with a new strap or bracelet? Removing the old strap or bracelet and installing a new one isn’t very difficult; see our video (below) for more information. I’ll cover the tools and other strap/bracelet removing …

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Vostok Amphibia Review

Summary:  Call it the Amphibia (correctly); call it the Amphibian or call it the Восток Амфибия. This beloved automatic is an inexpensive workhorse and a favorite of collectors world-wide. Background The story of the Vostok Amphibia (aka Amphibian) has been told many times. The Vostok, or Вoctok (“East”) is one of the most popular collectible …

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Timex Sport Luxury Automatic Review

Summary:  It’s a Timex and it’s not quartz!  Relatively expensive for a Timex with an automatic Seagull movement.  Slightly top-heavy, cheap-feeling bracelet and hard-to-read dial make it an iffy purchase.  Are there better deals to be had?  Read on… Background From what I can tell, Timex doesn’t get much respect. …

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