Watch 101

Tissot Visodate Heritage CroppedWatches are the only jewelry men can wear… unless you’re Mister T.

Gordon Bethune

Learn About How Watches Work

In an age where your smartphone contains more computational horsepower than the computers that put man on the moon, there’s a very valid argument to be made about the continued purpose of the mechanical wristwatch. Yet, despite their apparent outmodedness, the wristwatch is as popular today as ever before.

A watch is the summation of fine engineering, where precision mechanical pieces work in sync to accurately measure time. Inside a mechanical or automatic watch you’ll find a literal ticking heart, beating tens of thousands of times per hour to mark the passage of time.

We’ve created a resource that will teach you most of what you need to know about a watch and how it works. We hope you find it helpful.

Learn About Watches

Watch Movements

The movement is the heart of any watch- without it, a watch cannot function. There are different types of movements available- some that are battery powered, others that are powered by your kinetic energy, and still others powered by the sun and other energy sources.

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Watch Terminology

Like anything, the world of watches and watchmaking has its own lingo. We’ve sorted out the most commonly used terms and phrases so that you can decypher what people are talking about.

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