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About Tissot Watches

Brief Company History

Founded in 1853, Tissot initially produced pocket watches, pendant watches, and complication watches. America was their initial focus, though the company wisely diversified their customer base and are now represented in over 160 countries.

Today, Tissot is a subsidiary of the Swatch Group. Using high-quality Swiss movements (both in-house developed and sourced from ETA), Tissot watches are known globally for their quality, reliability, and unmistakable style.




Le Locle, Switzerland

Average MSRP:

Under $2,000



Featured Tissot Watch Review

Tissot T-Complication Squelette

Tissot T-Complication Squelette Review

I’ve reviewed a few Tissot’s over the last several years, and none of them have had the same visual impact as the T-Complication Squelette. This mechanical watch is immediately seen by anyone; it’s presence is dramatic and the attention well-deserved.

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