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New Photos of the Tissot Le Locle, Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart, and Hamilton Khaki Field

By Cameron Martel


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Gem by Carati Lent Us a Few Hamilton’s & Tissot’s, So I Took Some Pictures

When I first started WYCA back in 2013 I didn’t have a clue about taking pictures (I’m not sure if that’s changed all that much), and I didn’t know a heck of a lot about watches either. What I did know was that I really liked watches and wanted to learn more about them- so I decided to do just that.

Since then I’ve learned immensely reading sites like aBlogtoWatchHodinkee, and worn&wound. There’s a lot more, too, but I am calling out those three because the quality of their media is what has inspired me to really invest into learning photography.

Taking Pictures of Watches Has Become a Hobby of Mine

And what a bizarre hobby it is. I liken it to golf: you can really hate the game until you smack that ball center fairway… and suddenly you love golf.

Photography is a lot like that.

I’ve taken over 5,000 macro shots of watches in the last year. Most of those shots – and I mean like 98% of those shots – are no good. Too much glare here, bad color there, dust everywhere… it’s a challenge. But then you get this sweet shot, one that shows the watch perfectly… and you forget the 200 you just took and focus on the one you’re looking at.

It’s Part of What Drives My Reviews

I love watches, no doubt. My collection spans 36 watches from different brands. Swiss, German, Japanese, American… they’re all here.

I have so many because they look so different. Saturday morning I take out the camera (Nikon D3200), throw on a lens (Tamron 90mm macro or Nikon 40mm macro), and start snapping while sipping on some coffee and listening to some tunes. It’s become a ritual of mine… and I love it.

Enjoy the Photos

They’re not perfect – believe me, I know – but I think they do a way better job representing the watches in the review than the original ones I took. I’ve added them to the reviews and they’re posted below. I hope you enjoy.

Visit Gem by Carati @ gembycarati.ca.

Watches Featured in this Gallery

Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart

Our Jazzmaster Open Heart review is of the black and silver version. This one – white and rose gold – is stunning.

Hamilton Khaki Field

Same color scheme as what is in our Khaki Field review. This thing is hard to get good photos of 🙁

Tissot Le Locle

The same black and silver combo from the Le Locle review I did a couple of years ago.

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