About WYCA

About WatchesYouCanAfford

We Really Love Watches!

100% Unique Content

Our reviews are penned by the people that wear them and are based on our experiences with the watch.

Real Legitimate Reviews

With up to 30% of online reviews being fake, we pride ourselves on our 100% honest review process.

High-Res Photography

We invest in great photography so you can see the watch at its best.

Our Passion is Watches

We have a real love for watches and for what we do. We hope you notice the difference when you read our reviews.

Our Review Process is a Bit Different

Every website reviews watches a little bit differently. We focus on overall satisfaction with the watch and how it feels and performs during the time that we’re reviewing it.

Learn more about our watch review process, how we categorize watches, and how we define each category.

The People Behind WYCA

Adrian Prisca

Owner & Chief Editor

Adrian had a watch on his wrist almost since his birth. He fell in love with mechanical watches at a very young age and even though he has a few luxury watches in his collection, from Rolex or Omega, he always had a thing for affordable, high quality watches. He knows the watch industry like the back of his hand, that’s why he was thrilled to take over this blog.

Erik Rowe

Associate Editor

Erik has always been fascinated with all things horological, from dive and sports watches to high-end timekeeping wonders. He’s a real watch enthusiast whose love and passion for watches extended into collecting, writing and even working on watches.

Cameron Martel

Founder, Head Watch Geek & Reviewer

Cameron’s love for watches began over a decade ago. His personal collection includes over 27 watches, ranging from $25 to $5,000 in value. WYCA is his baby and he took care of it with pride.

Melissa Martel

Logistics & Administration

Melissa was initially the brains behind the operation (but Cameron doesn’t know that), in charge of keeping the lights on and the watches incoming.