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Orient Bambino V2 on Black & Blue Tie

Orient Is One of Our Favourite Affordable Watch Brands

Orient is one of our favorite watch brands. They offer a range of affordable automatic watches, and their Orient Star line demonstrates that the company has the quality and technical chops to stand on their own in the premium segments.

We have hands-on reviewed three Orient watches to date: the Bambino V2, Leo, and Symphony. We are working on a fourth review (the Multi-Calendar automatic) that should be online somewhere around mid to late November, 2016, and a fifth review of a Mako dive watch that should be online somewhere around middle of December, 2016.

Our Favorite Orient Watch

Our favorite watch that we’ve reviewed from Orient to date is the Bambino V2. We love its classic styling, contemporary sizing, and the large domed crystal as a stand-out feature.

A new version of the Bambino V2 was just released in September, 2016, featuring an upgraded movement that can be hand wound and hacks. This new version makes our favorite Orient even better!

Orient’s Automatic Movements

Orient is one of few watch brands that focus on their in-house manufactured automatic movements. They tout themselves as the “watchmaker’s watch”, and their watches all use one of their mechanical/automatic movements.

Their focus in mechanical movements is unique and one of the things we appreciate about the brand.

About Orient Watches

Brief Company History

Orient’s history goes as far back as 1901, where Shogoro Yoshida opened a watch store called “Yoshida Watch Shop” in Tokyo. Selling imported pocket watches, Yoshida Watch Should grew to become quite successful. The company began manufacturing wristwatches in 1934.

Orient as we know it today was formed in 1950 and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Seiko (since 2009). Orient produces a range of watches, including automatics, quartz’s, solar-powered, and radio-controlled watches. All their automatic movements are manufactured in-house.




Tokyo, Japan


Under $1,000



Latest Orient Watch Post/Review

Orient Monarch Mechanical Hands-On Review

Orient Monarch Mechanical Hands-On Review

As of the time of this review, the MSRP of the Monarch is $335 (though I bought this one off of Amazon for $160). The Monarch is a classy dress watch that is rather conservatively styled (once you look past the serif hour markers). This model comes with a leather strap, stainless steel buckle, and an exhibition caseback.

Like the Bambino, which I still maintain is the best automatic watch you can buy for under $250, the Monarch hits that sweet spot where what it brings to the table greatly exceeds what it costs to eat there. You won’t find another quality mechanical – let alone with a power reserve complication – at this price point until you start looking at no-name Chinese-manufactured movements.

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Recent Orient Watch Reviews, Posts, & Photos

Orient Symphony FER27008W Review

If the Bambino is the proverbial bulls eye, the Symphony lands just short of the inner circle. It’s powered by the same Caliber 48743 automatic that Orient fits in the Bambino, and it’s built just as well, but it doesn’t quite hit the mark aesthetically. Because of this, it always seems to sit in its better-looking cousins shadow. It’s not a bad watch by any technical means, just make sure you’ve checked the Bambino out before you pull the trigger on the Symphony.

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