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Two Sub-$150 Dress Watches from Orient: The Bambino & Symphony

By Cameron Martel


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I Recently Reviewed Two Very Affordable Automatics from Orient: The Bambino V2 and Symphony

While I was sure to emphasize the Bambino as the more attractive of the two, both received due praise for the automatic movement inside and the quality of their build. Simply put: styling aside, these are two of the best automatic watches you can buy for under $150 retail.

With the late-spring weather really starting to get the flowers blooming, I thought it a good opportunity to take a few shots of the Bambino and Symphony out “in the wild”. Enjoy!

Watches Featured in this Gallery

Orient Bambino V2

Review summary: The Bambino V2 is an excellent affordable automatic. It’s built well and looks to be worth well above it’s retail price. The V2 Bambino is my favorite version (of the three); it’s easy to see why the venerable Bambino is so popular.

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  • MSRP: $280
  • Retail Price: $140ish
  • Diameter: 40.5mm

Orient Symphony

Review summary: The Symphony is built well and powered by the same automatic inside the Bambino. However, aesthetically it simply doesn’t measure up to the more interesting and better looking Bambino. Style aside, the Symphony is a fine watch.

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  • MSRP: $210
  • Retail Price: $130ish
  • Diameter: 41mm
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