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Citizen Watches – Reviews, Photos, & More

Citizen Skyhawk Blue Angels Dial Macro

We Always Enjoy a Citizen Watch On Our Wrist

Citizen watches are synonymous with the innovations that have made the brand well-known all over the world. Citizen has an overwhelmingly positive reputation, earned after decades of innovating and expanding their catalogue of movements and styles. Their watches feature quartz, Eco-Drive, and mechanical movements.

Our experience with Citizen watches is limited to their Eco-Drive movements, though we intend to change that soon by getting our hands on a Grand Classic. All the Citizen’s we have reviewed to date are among the more affordable end of their offerings, and our experiences have been positive overall.

Our Favorite Citizen Watch

On October 14, 2016 we released our Citizen Skyhawk Blue Angels review. This is our favorite Citizen to date, as its impressive set of features and awesome U600 Eco-Drive movement really to set the Skyhawk apart.

The version we reviewed is the non-titanium model, though you can get the Skyhawk Blue Angels with Citizen’s “super titanium”, which is 5 times harder than stainless steel. Now, if they would just fit a sapphire crystal to it…

Citizen Eco-Drive Movements

While Citizen does use quartz and mechanical movements in their watches, they are best known for their Eco-Drive movements. Eco-Drive movements derive power from light (though sunlight is best), making them a “set and forget” watch that doesn’t need to be wound or have its battery changed. Citizen pioneered this technology in 1976, evolving and adapting it in the decades since.

Most Eco-Drive movements have a 6 month power reserve. Once the watch has a full charge (usually 1 or 2 days of regular wear), it can be stored for up to 6 months and still be running accurately.

About Citizen Watches

Brief Company History

Founded in 1918, Citizen is known for incorporating innovative technologies and advanced features into their watches. Their Eco-Drive movement is powered by the sun and features a substantial six month power reserve (or longer) once fully charged.

Citizen is one of the largest watch companies in the world, producing millions of watches each year. They also own Bulova, a formerly-American watch brand, and Miyota, a manufacturer of automatic, mechanical, and quartz movements.




Tokyo, Japan


Under $1,000


Latest Citizen Watch Post/Review

Citizen Promaster “EcoZilla”: One Serious Diver!

Citizen Promaster “EcoZilla”: One Serious Diver!

Powered by an Eco-Drive quartz movement, and with styling only an underwater welder could love, the Promaster BJ8050-08E is one of the few watches I’ve come across where the photos do not at all demonstrate the entirety of it. Suffice to say that this Promaster is 100% business, built tough as nails, and designed to handle itself under pressure. With a common street price of under $225, it’s also an affordable option that gives its wearers more for less. So, let’s go for a deep dive as we explore the Citizen Promaster BJ8050-08E!

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Outdoorsmen and weekend warriors rejoice! There are even a gaggle of adventure watches built to resist the rough off road terrain, weather the rigors of your BMX adventure or even resist the ravages of in-climate weather. These outdoor timepieces are built for you:...

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Citizen BM8475-26E Review

I really like this Citizen. The orange and black color scheme is a great combination. At night, the lume is so bright that you will have no problems easily telling time. The Eco-Drive movement inside is rock solid. This watch is a great buy, especially if you can find it for anything under $175. The BM8475-26E is a regular part of my watch rotation.

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Citizen CA0427-08E Review

My experience with the Citizen CA0427-08E is mixed. I’m not a big fan of how it looks overall- they tried a little too hard to be techno-sporty. With an MSRP of $295, they are also on the expensive side of entry-level quartz chronograph, and the fact is that I’m not sure I’d spend $300 on this watch. Technically it’s a good watch, and if you like how it looks, I suppose that’s all that matters.

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