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Best Outdoor Watches

By Akil Wingate


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Outdoorsmen and weekend warriors rejoice! There are even a gaggle of adventure watches built to resist the rough off road terrain, weather the rigors of your BMX adventure or even resist the ravages of in-climate weather.

These outdoor timepieces are built for you: men who slough off the slings of the wilderness or the desert like it’s another day at the office. Our picks for best affordable outdoors watches line up nicely…


Victorinox Infantry. Photo courtesy of Victorinox.

Anything under the umbrella of Victorinox, the stellar brand that curates Swiss Army Knives, could fit perfectly here in this space. The fine folks at Victorinox know how to craft timepieces for the field. Heck, a vast majority of them have been trial tested by the kind of people who need them most: military men and adventurers. So surely one of their ilk will be suitable for you.

We recommend for you weekend warriors and outdoor soldiers Victorinox’s “Infantry.” Stainless steel with its chocolate dial couples sublimely with a brown leather band, understated design, robust masculinity and a finely nuanced edge for extreme adventure. The Infantry is a vintage chronograph that is scratch resistant and water resistant up to 300m. You can buy it on Amazon for $549.

CITIZEN Ecosphere

The Citizen Ecosphere. Photo courtesy of Citizen.

Citizen has regularly defied the odds of fine watchmaking by curating a lookbook of timepieces that range from chic to robust. In that vein of robust watches sit a constellation of hardcore outdoor watches. Fusing the best in tech with the painstaking detail of traditional aesthetics these are adventure champions, folks. Don’t know where to start?

Try the Ecosphere with its subdued black strap, cobalt blue dial with black subdial and illuminated indices. Best of all it’s solar powered. That safari’s been calling your name for some time now. Here’s the watch to ride shotgun. You can buy it on Amazon for $311.25.


The G Shock G Steel. Photo courtesy of G Shock.

The G Shock line more than lives up to its name. It practically cornered the market of outdoor watches when it burst upon the scene. The shock resistant watches are a stainless steel case with a chronograph movement They also are water resistant up to 200m and are solar powered. Some other perks include a built-in thermometer, compass and stopwatch. You can buy it on Amazon for $179.95.


The Suunto Core. Photo courtesy of Suunto.

This is perhaps the first time Suunto has taken up real estate on one of our lists. Perhaps the honor should have come sooner. But better late than never for a Finnish creation that boasts an altimeter, a barometer, a compass, weather tracker, digital display and a shock and scratch resistant case. It even shirks the idea of being too gadget heavy with its seeming minimalist friendly display.

This is the watch for extreme adventurers or for those who like to think of themselves as such. You can buy it on Amazon for $256.85.

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