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Hastings & Co Heritage Edition: First Impression

By Cameron Martel


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Kickstarter is One of the Best Things to Happen to Watchmaking in a Long Time

Thanks to Kickstarter, someone like Mark Ang, founder of Hastings & Co., can pursue his goal of building the watches he wants to wear. That I can now enjoy the result of his efforts is a luxury that I owe to Kickstarter and the entrepreneurial spirit that it, along with other crowdfunding venues, serves to inspire.

Case and point: the brand-new, just-launched-on-Kickstarter-today Heritage Edition that’s currently residing on my wrist.

The Heritage Edition is powered by a Miyota 8215, though the pre-production model shown here has a Miyota 9015. The decor will transfer over, which is good because that rotor’s slick.

Hastings & Co. Heritage Edition

For a Pre-Production Model, the Heritage Edition is On Point

I’ve only got it for another few days, which is a shame because so far I’ve been enjoying it. I’m not always a fan of rose gold, but the level of polish and quality of finish on the Heritage Edition really showcases the material.

As far as I can tell, the rose gold finish is flawless. This is notable as I’ve seen watches from other brands where the rose gold has problems with its quality of finish.

The Heritage Edition Comes With All the Toys, Too

It comes with sapphire front/rear crystals, a rose gold plated and engraved deployment clasp, and an engraved crown.

It makes sense, too, as Hastings & Co. is about bringing luxury timepieces to everyone. They recently upgraded their Classic Edition to Swiss quartz movements (up from Miyotas), and their Classic Edition – at $125 – comes with a sapphire crystal, too.

Hastings & Co. Heritage Edition Automatic Miyota 8215 Movement

So Far, the Heritage Edition Is Hitting Above its Paygrade

Early birds can back the Heritage Edition on Kickstarter for $180 USD / $259 CAD, and that’s a good price to pay for what you’re buying.

That the watch is good is really positive for the crowdfunding concept, because I want to support more of this- more entrepreneurs like Mark making great watches. It’s bringing a whole new element to my favorite hobby, and it’s giving more people the chance to wear something significant and meaningful on their wrist.

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  1. Dont buy anything from this company. I never received my watch, even after i pre-paid their kickstarter campaign. Do yourself a favor and never buy anything from this company – its the absolute worst experience i have ever had with a watch company.

    Spare yourself the headache and stick with premium brands.


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