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We Want to Work With Fellow Watch Enthusiasts!

Who Are You?

Do you wake up in the morning and reach for your wristwatch? Was your watch still on your wrist when you woke up this morning? If so, we want to connect with you!

We’re looking for people that are:

  • Creative – You love telling stories and getting people excited about all things wristwatch related.
  • Talented – You can write and snap a mean photo or two.
  • Ambitious – You want to grow your skills and get better at creating.
  • Self-Directed – You work independent of step-by-step instruction and love being able to dictate your workflow.

Most importantly: you have a genuine and undeniable passion for the timepiece. Automatic, digital, mechanical, quartz… it doesn’t matter. If it ticks and tocks, you love it.

Who Are We?

Founded in 2013, WYCA is dedicated to providing good information and trustworthy recommendations about affordable wristwatches. We believe that a watch can be good regardless of its price, and that most people would get more joy and excitement out of a great $250 watch than they would a good $25,000 one.

We separate ourselves from other watch sites by being 100% open, honest, and transparent with our hands-on reviews. We do not “review” any watch we don’t physically hold in our hands and wear on our wrists.

Our goal is to help our readers make informed decisions when it comes time to buy a watch. Our customer is our reader, and we work hard to produce great content that our readers can trust.

Learn more about us, and read about how we review watches.

Available Opportunities

We’re currently looking to fill two roles: a social media manager, and a part-time watch reviewer.

Social Media Manager

While we create great content, we don’t do a good job engaging social media in sharing it. This is where you come in.

As our social media manager, your job is to get WYCA noticed on social channels (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit). To do this, you’ll need to employ ethical (not-spammy) strategies to get our content seen.

You’ll not only have the ability to engage and grow our following, but you’ll also have direct input into the watches and brands that we review/collaborate with. You’re a core member of our team and a big part of our future.

Role Overview

On a high-level, you’ll:

  • Run our WYCA-branded Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages
  • Run two Facebook groups as well as three additional IG accounts
  • Post 2-4x per week (each page/channel)

We’re looking for someone to engage and grow our social community, sharing our reviews and general watch news with our audience.


  • Collaborate with our content/editorial teams/schedule to ensure content is unique, engaging, and fresh
  • Curate awesome conversations with our readers/social community and get people excited about watches!
  • Grow our social channels and help WYCA grow
  • Connect with watch brands and fellow watch websites/social communities to get more cool watches showcased on WYCA.

You’ll be working directly with WYCA founder, Cameron, and our editorial team. Your input will help shape the future of WYCA.

We are paying a flat monthly rate of $200 USD for this role. Compensation will grow as we do.

Watch Reviewer & Content Contributor

Make no mistake: reviewing a watch takes work. Our reviewers take weeks to produce because we actually test a watch hands-on before posting our thoughts. As a watch reviewer and content contributor, you’ll be responsible for 1-4 reviews per month (or more if you’re feeling motivated).

Not only that, but providing great images/media that showcase the watch is critical.

Words without media are ineffective. To be a great reviewer/contributor, you must be adept at both.

Role Overview

You will:

  • Receive 1 or more watches per month directly from distributors and watch brands
  • Spend plenty of time with the watch hands-on, wearing and testing it
  • Take awesome photos and maybe even produce a slick video
  • Work within WordPress to post and publish your review


  • In most cases, compensation for your work will be keeping the watch you’re reviewing
  • In cases where you are not keeping the watch, we pay $90 USD per review
  • Non-review content will be negotiated on a case by case basis

To be clear: WYCA is a small site and doesn’t make big bank. We want to compensate you for your efforts, but if you’re in it strictly for the money, this isn’t the right fit for you. Compensation will grow as we do and can afford to pay more.

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