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How We Review Watches

We Create Hands-On Watch Reviews

Including the photos and videos used within them

Aesthetics & Design

This is the most subjective part of the review. It speaks to how the watch looks and feels when worn; how its design fares against its competition; whether or not it looks its part (and its price).

Your tastes may differ from ours, and that’s okay. The photos inside our watch reviews can all be viewed in high resolution so you can see how you like it for yourself.

Build Quality

Build quality speaks to the materials used and the overall fit and finish of its construction. We use macro lenses to get close ups of important areas of the watch, and of any defects in workmanship.

This section is rated in relation to the watches price.

Movement Accuracy & Reliability

Not all watch movements are equal. This sections covers the make and model of the movement used, as well as how accurate the movement was inside the watch (using, which is a fantastic tool for this sort of thing).

See our automatic watch reviews, quartz watch reviews, and mechanical watch reviews.

Value for Money

As good as a watch may be, it has to be price-competitive or we can’t really recommend it. We rate the value of a watch based on what it offers in relation to its peers.

About Our Advertisements

We run advertisements on our website to pay for new watches to review, hosting/maintenance costs, development costs, and other costs that come with owning a website. Currently, we run two different types of advertising:

Affiliate Advertisements

You will see this as links to purchase watches from watch stores, such as Amazon. We receive a small commission – typically about 6% of the value of the item purchased – if you purchase a product through one of our affiliate links. These affiliate links do not change how much you pay for the watch.

If you do not wish to support our website via affiliate links but still wish to purchase the watch from our recommended watch store, simply visit the store directly instead of clicking on the affiliate link.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense ads pay us a small amount each time you click on them. This amount is typically under $0.50 per click.

Where Do We Get the Watches We Review?

One thing we found ourselves asking when we decided to look at how other websites were reviewing products was “where did they get the item they are reviewing?” We believe that the motivations behind a review are important. That’s why we are 100% transparent about our advertising, affiliate relationships with vendors, and on how we obtained a watch that we are reviewing.

We Purchase Over 50% of the Watches We Review

The majority of our reviews are done on watches that we purchased for the purpose of reviewing. We feel that by purchasing a watch to review, we eliminate potential bias or favoritism.

Readers, Vendors, and Brands Send Us the Rest

People just like you occasionally send us watches to review. We love it! Otherwise, we occasionally receive a watch from a brand or vendor to review. Whenever a watch has been provided to us we will disclose this in the review.

Advertising Disclosure

WYCA generates revenue whenever you interact with an advertisement on our website or purchase a watch from an affiliated watch store. We are participants in the Amazon Associates referral prorgram.

These revenues - which do not impact how much the watch you're purchasing costs - enable us to purchase new watches to review (we buy most that we review), pay for hosting/development costs, and generally enable us to keep the website online.

Thank you for supporting our website.