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What is a Microbrand Watch?

When most people think of a watch, they think of large and well-known brands (such as Swatch, Hamilton, Tag Heuer, Casio, Seiko, etc.).

By definition, a microbrand is a small independent watch brand. There are “large” microbrands (such as Cadence or Christopher Ward), but most are small-person companies that utilize third-party manufacturers to bring their designs to life. Some microbrands, such as Nick Harris’ Orion, have in-house watchmakers, but these are the exceptions as opposed to the norm.

The growth of crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter has made it possible for small teams of “non-watch people”, such as designers or engineers, to get their watch design or brand funded. In our eyes, this is a fantastic opportunity for the watch market to grow and enjoy new ideas.

There is a growing presence in the watch community of factory brands, such as Spinnaker and Avi-8. Factory brands are distinct from microbrands in that they are usually a watchmaking organization that creates “brands” for the purposes of marketing/moving product. The traditional “microbrand” does not have an in-house or at arm’s length factory at their disposal.

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