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Friday Afternoon Hamilton & Rose Gold Photoshoot

By Cameron Martel


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The Camera’s Out, The Watches Are Clean… Let’s Snap Some Photos!

While assessing my collection for an upcoming article on watch boxes I decided to take a break and shoot some photos of some of the rose gold accented watches I have in my collection. I really enjoy rose gold because of how vibrant it can look behind the lens.

Today I’ve got the Jazzmaster RegulatorJazzmaster Auto Chrono, and Jazzmaster Open Heart on display. I know I’ve shot these a lot before, but that’s because of how great their dials look with different lighting and backdrop setups.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Regulator in Cream & Rose Gold

Hamilton Jazzmaster Regulator

Of the three in the gallery today, this one is the easiest the shoot. Both the Auto Chrono and Open Heart have a varied dial with lots going on. By comparison, the relatively flat dial of the Regulator is simple and fairly uniform. It messes with light less, making it easier to shoot (and shoot quickly).

Here are a couple of my favorites from today’s shoot:

The H-12 Automatic Movement Inside the Regulator

Regular Rose Gold & Cream Macro

Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart

Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart in Rose Gold

The Open Heart has a lot more reflective surfaces on the dial compared to the Regulator. This makes shooting it much more difficult, as controlling lighting is key if you want to nail the perfect shot.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart in Rose Gold

I love shooting this watch though: I could sit here all day snapping photos and testing different lighting and angle variations.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart in Rose Gold

Hamilton Jazzmaster Auto Chrono

Hamilton Jazzmaster Auto Chrono in Rose Gold

It’s no secret that the Auto Chrono is my favorite watch in my collection. Just look at it- beautiful. However, like the Open Heart, this one can be challenging to get a good shot of due to how the face reflects light.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Auto Chrono Macro

The grooves and elevation changes can make getting a good shot tricky. The key to this one is really controlling the light and being patient (patience being something I’ve always struggled with).

Hamilton H-21 Automatic Movement

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