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On Her Wrist: the Women’s Corniche Heritage 36

By Cameron Martel


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The Heritage 36 is Corniche’s Smaller, Just-as-Beautiful Heritage

The Heritage 36 is a relatively recent addition to Corniche’s line-up, too. Like the larger version, the Heritage 36 is available in several color styles; we have a rose gold, ivory, and blue-accented model here. It’s an excellent timepiece on its own, or as a companion to the larger Heritage 40 that I reviewed in June.

It’s a great compliment to any wardrobe, and if you’re going for a matching his/hers set, a couple of Corniche’s are a great way to do it.

Corniche Heritage 36 Dial

The Heritage 36 is Made of All The Right Stuff

Priced at $365, the Heritage 36 is encroaching on higher-end watch territory. At this price you can find Swiss brands, such as Hamilton and Tissot, with their own offerings in the $300 – $500 segment. To succeed, a watch needs to be polished, refined, and made of the right stuff.

From a materials perspective, this Corniche is on point. Sapphire is used for the crystal, and the rose gold plating on the steel case is done with care. I’ve often spoken of my woes with rose gold, but on the Heritage 36 there are no problems in the plating to be found.

The strap is soft and luxurious, and the rose gold deployment clasp is a perfect addition to the dark-brown crocodile-grain leather.

A Miyota 2025 quartz movement is used. This is a competent and reliable movement that offers three years of battery life and +/- 20 seconds per month of accuracy.

Corniche Heritage 36 Crown

Build Quality is Excellent, As Expected

When I reviewed the Heritage 40, I noted that the style was simple while appearing high end. Moreover, I found the build quality of the Heritage 40 to be excellent. I am pleased to see that the Heritage 36 continues this tradition of great build quality, as like the Heritage 40, it is free of visible defects.

Corniche Heritage 36 Dial Macro

Dial & Finishings

The blue hands are my favorite feature on the Heritage 40, and that is again the case on the Heritage 36. The hands refract light brilliantly, changing hue and resonating depth as the lighting angle changes. I am pleased to see the hands are free of material defects, even when examined under zoom.

The rest of the dial, including the printed minute markers and applied indices, is also manufactured without fault. The dial looks refined, certainly appropriate for professional and personal engagements that require sophisticated dress.

Corniche Heritage 36 Caseback

Case, Strap, & Clasp

The small details, including the embossed logo on the crown and the engraved branding on the butterfly clasp, are done with precision. These additions add to the Heritage as opposed to distract- the Heritage remains tasteful and benefits from these finer touches.

The leather strap is soft and comfortable to wear, and the deployment clasp has kept the leather preserved and looking new despite its ample time on Melissa’s wrist. The clasp, which matches the rest of the watch, is good quality- it remains securely closed and does not pop open without considerable pressure.

Corniche Heritage 36 on the Wrist

The Corniche is an Easy Watch to Show Off

Some designers over-complicate ladies wristwatches. Instead of relying on seamless design and quality build, many brands litter the face with reflective stones (semi-precious or otherwise) and gaudy materials in an effort to up the “bling” factor. Corniche has done none of this nonsense with the Heritage 36.

The best part of the Heritage 36 is that it’s everything about the Heritage 40 that makes it great, only appropriately sized for a ladies wrist. Even the caseback engraving, which is a stand-out element of the Heritage 40, is recreated perfectly on the 36.

It’s a great looking watch.

Get yours: CornicheWatches.com



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