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Bonvier His & Hers Watches for Under $350

By Cameron Martel


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Looking for Matching Dress Watches? Check Out These Matching Classic Quartz Timepieces From Bonvier

A few weeks ago I posted a review of the Bonvier Classic 40mm, where I touted its classic styling and overall build quality. I had also received a Classic 36mm, the ladies version of the 40mm I had reviewed. My wife Melissa, who is supportive of my addiction (ahem, website), picked out the gold on blue on brown leather version. It’s a looker- definitely a great combination.

If you’re looking for a great birthday or Christmas gift, a matching or complimentary watch set is always a good choice. These Bonviers, being priced at under $350 for the pair of them, are affordable and attractive. Let’s check them out.

Bonvier Classic 36mm - Blue & Gold Dial

Bonvier Classic Technical Specifications

Both watches use a Miyota 2035 quartz movement, hardened mineral crystal, and 30m/99ft of water resistance. A two year warranty applies to each.


  • Model: Classic Silver 40mm
  • Case Diameter: 40mm
  • Lug Width/Strap Width: 20mm


  • Model: Classic Blue/Gold 36mm
  • Case Diameter: 36mm
  • Lug Width/Strap Width: 18mm

Bonvier Classic Watches: 40mm & 36mm

Bonvier Watches Look Classy Without Looking Over – or Under – Done

The 36mm will feel right at home on most ladies wrists.

The gold, blue, and brown leather on Melissa’s Classic 36 is the perfect combination. It looks elegant and undeniably appropriate, yet it retains its contemporary styling and can be worn with blue jeans. Its colour gives it more options, whereas my stainless steel and black combination looks decidedly out of place unless I’m wearing a cuff and a collar.

One thing we both like about the Classic 36 is how easy it is to tell time on. A by product of its colour, as well as the shape/slope of the hands, it seems absolutely luminescent at times. We both agree that Bonvier nailed the styling of the Classic 36.

That’s not to say that the Classic 40 isn’t a looker, either, because it absolutely is; the steel case and dial reminds me a bit of the Hamilton Jazzmaster Day/Date that I wear frequently. Regardless, I’m still going to pick up a matching gold, blue, and brown leather version; partly because then we’ll actually match, and partly because it’s a great combination and I want in on it.

Bonvier Classic 36mm on Wrist

These Matching Bonvier’s Look Twice Their Price.

Both watches are thin, with the men’s Classic 40 coming in 1mm thicker than the 7mm-thick Classic 36. Suffice to say, both fit well under cuffs and present a streamlined profile. At 40mm for him and 36mm for her, so too are they appropriately sized for the modern man and woman. Any larger that they may lose some of their subtlety, but sized as they are, they are discreet and won’t scream too loudly when worn.

Aside from being 4mm smaller, the Classic 36mm is essentially the same watch as the 40mm. This is a good thing: the Classic 40mm is a good looking watch that does minimal and classy right. I’d argue that the Classic 36mm is actually the more attractive of the two, and not just because of its excellent color combination.

“My Bonvier Classic 36 has quickly found a permanent place in my heart. What I really love about this watch is the rich combination created by the perfectly hued blue face, gold case, and brown leather strap. It’s provided a welcomed addition to my watch collection that is understated in its sophistication. I can, and do, dress the watch up or down easily.”

Bonvier Classic 36mm - Blue & Gold

Bonvier Build Quality & Longevity

Bonvier provides a two-year warranty on the Classics, not that you’d likely need it. From my perspective, both watches are built well and are free of defects (as far as I can tell). Both looks fantastic behind my camera’s macro lens, and the movement used (Miyota 2035) is not only accurate but reliable, too. Assuming proper care, both watches should last for years.

Bonvier Classic Silver

Crystal, Case, & Dial

Where the Bonviers are held back is the crystal, which is a hardened mineral. I greatly prefer sapphire because of its longevity. At $170 USD each, it’s borderline where sapphire should be included. It’d be great value if it had it, but it’s also price-acceptable without it.

The finish on both cases is excellent. The gold is applied evenly, as is the polished finish; if there’s a compromise in the case, I can’t see where. The trend continues to the dial, which looks excellent and free of workmanship errors.

Bonvier Classic 36 Caseback

Strap & Clasp

I’d have thought that a dress watch with a nice leather strap would ship with a deployment buckle. I’m glad it didn’t, as it’d make the profile larger, but it seems odd considering that the leather strap used is quite nice. The strap used on the Classic 36 has considerable depth in its coloring, with a lot of red hues coming through the brown.

The clasp, which is engraved, is otherwise pretty standard.

Bonvier Classic 36mm - Blue & Gold

Add a Bonvier to Your Collection

Every couple needs matching dress watches. These Bonvier’s prove that you don’t need to drop a mint in order to look tip-top. Melissa loves her Classic 36, I’m enjoying my Classic 40, and we’re both stoked that this look costs under $350 all-in.

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