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Wood Wilder Denmark: Premium Wooden Watches

By Cameron Martel


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If You’ve Ever Wanted a Wooden Watch, These Are The Ones to Buy

If you’re looking for a new watch that’s a little against the grain, you might find a wooden watch from Wood Wilder Denmark a good pick. Good looking, made well, and comfortable to wear, there’s a lot about these wooden watches to like.

Having had a pair of Wood Wilder’s ebony watches for the last couple of months, I’ve had plenty of time to see what these watches are all about.

Let’s check them out!

Wood Wilder Denmark Ebony Watch

Wood’s a Nice Material To Use

The first thing you notice when you put one of these on is how light it is. Compared to most other watches, including other quartz watches of similar size, the Wood Wilder’s are featherweights. This isn’t really good or bad, just a byproduct of using wood for the case instead of steel.

The strap, which connects with the lugs in a somewhat atypical way, is also soft and plush. It doesn’t quite feel luxurious; it’s more sporty than sophisticated, and I think it matches the rest of the watch perfectly. The contrasting stitching near the lugs is a nice touch.

Wood Wilder Denmark Ebony Watch

As far as the dial, well, you can plainly see that it is a minimal affair. Aside from markers and a logo, there’s nothing to distract the eye. This lets the watch fly below the radar, despite its 46mm size.

Wooden Watches in the Wild

For Wood Wilder, Presentation Matters

I open the small crate that the two watches arrived in and I’m immediately showered in wooden shavings instead of the usual cascade of packing peanuts. A nice touch, albeit a messy one- at least it’s biodegradable.

Similarly, the watches themselves are contained inside what feels like a balsa wood box (or some other type of lightweight wood). Inside, paper straps hold the watches in place; the entire setup, from the packing materials to the box the watches came in, is biodegradable. For a company that touts their enviro-cred (I’ll get to that in a sec), this is an important – and absolutely perfect – first impression to make.

Wood Wilder Denmark Ebony Watch

For Every Wooden Watch They Sell, Wood Wilder Denmark Plants a Tree

First, the environmentalist in me loves this. I’m not fanatical, but when given a choice between something eco-friendly and something that isn’t, I’ll choose the enviro option. If you’re someone that wants a new watch and tends to make environmentally-conscious decisions, I’d give these watches a good look.

Wood Wilder Denmark Ebony Watch

The wood itself is ethically sourced from Equatorial West Africa, and due to the nature of wood grain, each watch is unique. The two I have in front of me look similar, but different- the black-dial version has more visible grain than the white-dial version, but the white-dial watch has more natural lustre to the wood. Each watch is unique as a result.

Lastly, the strap is naturally-tinted leather; no harsh dyes used here.

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