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The “Ridge” – Wooden Watches by Rusticlub.com

By Cameron Martel


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Exploring the great outdoors sans technology is the perfect way to make sure your summer is one full of relaxation, adventure, and possibility. The best way to ruin a hike as youre trekking down a trail, up a mountain, or through a forest, as you feel the sun on your back and rocks beneath your feet, is the out-of-place blaring of your smartphone as you receive yet another notification.

Turn off your technology without worrying about keeping track of time! Thats why I wear a watch, particularly my wooden watch called The Ridge,by Apache Pine.

Purchased over on rusticlub.com, this wooden watch is inspired by the Teton mountain range, with each ridge carefully laser-etched into the bamboo material. Take the impressive Great Teton Ridge wherever you go, and never miss out on seeing an awe-inspiring view, even if youre trapped in a cubicle for a few more hours.

This watch will not only be a tool for time tracking, but will also be a treasured keepsake if the Teton range is one of your favorite to climb, as it is mine. Gazing at the familiar landscape makes me reminiscent of the wonderful memories Ive created on dozens of hikes, and it is a constant reminder for me to get out of the house or the office, and get out into the world and discover new things.

Which is exactly what Apache Pine is trying to encourage people to do with their wooden watch lineexplore more!

In terms of functionality, the authentic leather of the band is incredibly comfortable, and the watch itself is so lightweight, sometimes I forget its even there! It features a splash-proof case, a ten year battery life, and a stainless steel buckle that lays flat for strength and comfort.

It also has a 3 anchor system for the band attachment, meaning its quite durable and wont fall off your wrist while youre on the move. In addition to the sturdiness of the band, each watch is hand-crafted and no two are exactly alike. The different shades and imperfections in the wood make each piece a unique work of art, and will ensure the accessory youre sporting is a one-of-a-kind.

Its impossible to deny that The Ridge – Wood Watchis a stylish addition to your wrist, but its also the sustainable, eco-friendly option for time tracking, as well. Bamboo is a common, fast-growing plant that is easy to harvest, and a watch made completely from this material ensures theres no plastic or synthetic waste trashing our ecosystems and the planet.

Not only that, but purchasing any wooden watch from Rusticlub will result in one tree being planted, further helping the environment and starting a sustainable revolution. The Ridge is more than just a watch, its a gift back to Planet Earth and a promise to yourself to get out and explore more!

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