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We Took Some Pics of the Timex Weekender Reversible & Weekender Chronograph

By Cameron Martel


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So, Melissa Wanted a Timex Weekender Reversible

I’ve had a couple of Timex Weekenders: the Weekender 40 I reviewed last year, and currently a Weekender Chronograph. I really like them and think they’re great watches. No surprises when Melissa started hinting that she wanted a Weekender of her own. Her daily wearer – a ladies Hamilton Viewmatic Auto – is starting to show its life story.

Timex Weekender Reversible 01

The Weekender we got for her was the TW2P65300GP. This version comes with a blue and polka dot reversible nato strap. The strap is super simple to switch from polka-dot to not, though Melissa has complained that the strap is a little irritating on her wrist after being worn for a few hours. We’ll switch out the strap with something a little less irritating later when Melissa finds a 16mm strap she likes.

Timex Weekender Wrist Chronograph & Tiimex Weekender Reversible Cheesy Shot 01

EDIT: Strap culprit found. There is a loop that secures the end of the strap, and the glue that binds the loop together is itchy. Turn that side outward, problem solved.

Because my wife is a cheeseball (I am too) we’ve got a couple of cheesy his and hers wrist shots. 🙂

Watches Featured in this Gallery

Timex Weekender Chronograph

Blue dial on tan leather nato.

  • MSRP: $80
  • Diameter: 40mm

Timex Weekender Reversible

White dial on blue/white polka-dot reversible nato.

  • MSRP: $50
  • Diameter: 31mm
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