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Timex Weekender 40 Review

By Cameron Martel


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The Weekender is the Quintessential Inexpensive Quartz Watch That Everyone Knows & Loves

Updated August 25, 2016 – On February 6, 2015 I first published the review of the Timex Weekender 40. Now, roughly a year and a half later, I’ve decided to buy another one and update my original review. This go around I’ve got way better photos as well as more experience with respect to what’s available on the market today.

The Weekender 40 is the larger “oversized” 40mm version of the “regular” 38mm Weekender. It comes with a leather nato-style strap, Indiglo, and not much else… not that it needs it.

Priced under $50, and often found for as low as $20 or $30, the Weekender 40 is a great choice for any man or woman wanting a simple, attractive, reliable, affordable quartz timepiece. Let’s check it out.

Also check out: the Weekender Chronograph review and the Weekender Fairfield review.


Timex Weekender 40 Technical Specifications

  • Model Number: T2P4959J
  • MSRP: $55
  • Case Diameter: 40mm
  • Alternate Models: Dozens of options available
  • Movement: Quartz, W92
  • Complications: Indiglo
  • Battery Life: Approximately 3-5 years
  • Water Resistance: 30m / 99ft
  • Crystal Material: Mineral

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Timex Weekender 40 Wrist Shot

Timex Weekender 40 Aesthetics & Design

The Weekender line of watches by Timex is one of my favorite go-to’s when someone needs a daily wearer. From an aesthetics perspective, the Weekender is versatile and meshes with most outfits. The version I have here – model T2P4959J – pairs a cream-biege dial to a reddish-brown leather strap. The combination looks excellent.

The rounded brass case loves to play with light, and from behind the lens it’s a ton of fun to shoot. The mineral crystal doesn’t have any anti-reflective coating (which makes sense for a sub-$50 watch), so sometimes taking a good shot can be tricky, but the issue is mostly trivial due to the lightness of the face and how the case interacts with light.

Of all the watches I’ve taken photos of – and there’s been a lot at this point – the Weekender 40 remains one of my favorites.

Timex Weekender 40 Dial Macro

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Weekenders: 40, Chronograph, & Reversible

Pictured Above: Weekender 40, Weekender Chronograph on a Barton Nato, Weekender Reversible on Strapsco leather nato.

As you can (clearly) see, I’m a fan of the Weekender. I’ve got two, my wife has one, and I’ve got another chrono on order (this one). There’s a lot of things about the Weekender I like, and one of the biggest is how simple the Weekender is. Where many watches, including the Weekender Fairfield, go all-in on minimalist design, the original Weekender pulls off something simple without being minimal.

Don’t get me wrong: I really enjoy minimal watches, but how many minimal steel dials can one person wear? On the Weekender, the dial is simple and unobtrusive while remaining easy to read. Big Arabic hour markers, with 24 hour markers on the non-chrono versions, make telling time a snap. This focus on functionality – on actual timekeeping – and not just on style is a big part of what I find attractive about the Weekender.

Functionality is a staple throughout the entire lineup. At night, Indiglo makes the face of watch as easy to read as it is during the day. In fact, I frequently comment that Indiglo is the standard that every other quartz watch with illumination is judged by. It’s that good.

On the wrist the Weekender 40 is a lightweight and comfortable companion. It’s neutral palette and design means that nearly anyone can incorporate it into their style. At 40mm it’s the perfect size for most men, and on most woman it will be oversized without being overdone.

Timex Weekender 40 in Box

Timex Weekender Build Quality

The brass case on the Weekender gives the watch some interesting qualities. First, it’s lightweight and will feel so on the wrist. This aids its long-term wearability and comfort- a heavy watch can fatigue the wrist over time. The tradeoff for this light weight is the noise: the movement ticks away – loudly – seemingly without any sound deadening. It’s loud, yes, but not particularly bothersome unless you’re in a room that is otherwise silent.

Crystal, Case, & Dial

The mineral crystal does its job adequately enough, and its use makes complete sense on a watch retailing under $50. The crystal sits flush with the bezel, and for long-term durability, this is definitely the way to go. A domed crystal, like the ones seen on the Bambino or this Zeppelin, can look fantastic… while also being a magnet for nicks, scratches, and dings. For a daily wearer, the Weekender is set up right.

The case itself is quite simple, devoid of any markings or engravings (even the crown and clasp are untouched) save for the caseback. I don’t have any complaints here: the simplicity completes the look established by the dial. The case is finished well, with no imperfections that I can see.

The dial is an interesting one. At most viewing distances it looks clean and well done – because it is – but up close using a 90mm macro lens (closer than your eye naturally could achieve) you can see the errant fibers of the applied markers (as seen in the high-res macro photo a bit further down this page).

Overall, it’s a great looking setup that appears to be built as good as it looks.

Strap & Clasp

When I first reviewed the Weekender 40 I called the leather strap “thin but not fragile”. What I should have said is “it looks good until it’s been worn for a few weeks”. The strap is adequate and comfortable, but it quickly wears and shows markings from where the buckle/clasp bites into the leather.

The strap is easy to manipulate and never feels stiff (even when new). However, compared to other leather straps it quickly shows its age.

I recommend replacing the strap with a quality nato. For non-leather, I recommend Barton bands; for leather, Strapsco (review in progress) seems to be pretty good.

Timex Weekender 40 Caseback

W92 Quartz Movement

think the movement used inside the Weekender is called the W92. I’ve had a hard time confirming that, and since I’m going to be be giving this Weekender to someone on my mailing list (which you should join if you haven’t already), I’m not going to pop the back off to confirm. All digital sources say it’s a W92.

As mentioned earlier in the review, it’s loud, and combined with a lack of sound deadening, you get this watch that “ticks” away quite audibly. If you don’t mind the noise (it’s easily drowned out with any other sound), the movement is a reliable and accurate piece that does its job well.

Toolwatch quotes this one as being accurate to within 2 seconds per day. This is on the higher end for a quartz watch, but in reality, we’re only talking a minute of deviation per month. For the price I think that’s easy enough to live with.

How to Set the Weekender

  • To set the time, pull the crown to its furthest position (2). Turn the crown to set the time.

Timex Weekender 40 Wrist Profile

In the Weeknder 40, Timex Has Made an Affordable Gem

When a watch only costs a few bucks it’s easy to let small things slide. In the Weekender, the summation of those small things amounts to a strap that you’ll want to replace after a few months and its tell-tale movement noise.Like the much-loved Seiko 5, the Weekender series of watches stand alone in their field. There are many watches that have since tried to emulate the formula and success of the Weekender, but none of have actually been able to replicate it.

It’s the perfect “every day” or “first watch” for anyone, and it does its job without complaint or concessions. It knows what it is and it does its job very well. If you’re an enthusiast, it’s hard not appreciate the versatility and quality of build baked into a watch that costs under $50. If you’re someone new to watches, or are just looking for something that looks nice to give is a gift, the Weekender 40 is absolutely a good buy.

Go to any watch forum or community and ask about the Weekender. You’ll get the same response every time: you won’t find a better watch for the price.

I’ve got three. You should at least have one.

Timex Weekender 40 Photo Gallery

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64 thoughts on “Timex Weekender 40 Review”

  1. I think if you’re looking for an affordable daily driver, and are pretty rough on your watches, a Timex Weekender is definitely the way to go. It can even pass for a dressy watch (in my opinion). The price of the watch would allow me to get over the loud ticking.

  2. Great review. To be honest, it’s not a watch I would have normally considered because I like a few subtle accents style-wise. The review builds a good case for it.

  3. I really like the look of this watch as it looks like something you could wear everyday and go with everything and maybe even fit in more with a dressier style of clothing if you really wanted to. At the price point it’s at I don’t really think anyone could go wrong with that watch, and I really like the brown strap.

  4. I just bought one yesterday on Amazon for less than $20. It’s very versatile and can either be dressed up or dressed down. Overall, couldn’t think of a better way to spend a $20.

  5. The only reasons that I haven’t gotten a weekender yet are the reputation of loud ticking, and the fact that I can’t choose which nato strap to go with it, but this leather one looks great.

    • The loud ticking isn’t that big of a deal. I mean, if I wanted to drive someone insane, I’d lock them in an otherwise quiet room with it… but other than that, it’s fine. 😉

      • Haha, it was implied to me by others that it was much louder than it is then. I was only worried as I work in a rather quiet office and don’t want to disturb others.

  6. This watch is the equivalent of chicken noodle soup or meatloaf – it is comfort food for the wrist. My first ever watch when I was 9 was a TIMEX and the pictures and descriptions of this Weekender brings back those memories, that long ago watch had glow in the dark hands, and I loved that… this watch has the light up function and it brought back memories of going into a dark room just to see the luminescence.

  7. Such a classic design. Love the simplicity and also the adaptability. A plethora of color options that they sell combined with a simple change of the band and you have a watch that can serve so many roles.

    • Yea I really love this one. 🙂

      BTW, got your comments re: the Expedition. That review isn’t done yet, just a few photos. Not sure why it self-published 🙁

  8. This watch looks classic! May look into getting something like this to get my husband so he can wear something other than his metal clunker! The leather is simple.

  9. Noticed on Amazon last night that a few of the Weekender colors had dropped to the mid $20 range. I think that’s MORE than fair! If anyone has an interest in classic field/military style watches I think this is a must have, right alongside the Seiko SNK809 series.

  10. so since I mentioned the Weekender as a classic must have in the Field/Military style, what others might you all suggest? The Seiko SNK809 (and variants) would be one. One of my personal favorites is the Citizen BM180-03e. Clean, crisp, simple, Eco-drive. What’s not to like? The band….I changed it within two days. Hamilton Khaki perhaps?

  11. Torn between the Seiko SNK809 and the weekender for my first (decent) watch. Been leaning towards the seiko’s auto movement, but this review definitely makes me reconsider the weekender.

  12. The reason I never wear a watch is because I’m deathly afraid of damaging it with my day to day activities. It’s the same reason I have never bought sunglasses over 20.00. But at that price point I might pick it up, I really like the classic look without a lot of bling, strange symbols used for numbers or it being twice the size of my wrist!

  13. I do like Timex watches, and while my opinion on watches varies wildly from others, this is still a nice mm looking watch with good backlighting. Audible ticking doesn’t really matter to me as much, and my Sturhling Original skeleton watch does audibly tick as well.

  14. This would be a really great little watch for travelling. My boyfriend and I always leave our usual watches at home and bring cheaper watches with us vacation. But we hate that they’re always these cheap looking plastic things. This watch won’t make anyone cry if it gets lost and it still looks classy as fuck

  15. I would have never consider this watch until I saw it on someone’s wrist. I was surprised at how good it looked. Kind of reminded me of a shinola but at 1/10th the price.

  16. I love the Arabic numerals, including the 24-hr time, as in my line of work we frequently have to record time in 24-hr format. Seems like a great case size and thickness for 7″-wrist like mine. It would be interesting to know the effect that regular use of Indiglo has on battery life!

  17. This review is so refreshing as I’m new to reading about Timex, however, truly have opened my eyes to a simple and functional watch!

  18. I’m new to the website, and amazed how the author covers everything from the “jazzy” look to the sound of the movement.

  19. About 10 yrs ago I came into a little money and bought a very nice Raymond Weil for about $500. I then promptly lost it. After I was done cursing, I went to a local store and bought two Timex watches. One I dressed up with a nice leather band, and one was a plastic body Timex Explorer. In terms of utility you can’t beat a Timex. The Quartz keeps good time, I have worn them swimming, to the gym, playing both baseball and softball, and a little dressed up to Court (I’m a lawyer). My experience is that the batteries last much longer than the two years, but the operation of the watch gets a little unreliable after that first battery change. My wife has a weekender with a nylon Nato style strap and she likes it. Now be honest, the indiglo feature blows away every other watch’s night viewing system no matter what the price.

    Now I wish I could leave it at that, but two months ago I was buying a plastic Timex Explorer on Amazon to replace the one I had given my wife wife when her fashion watch died. I started to look at automatic watches and ended up with a Seiko 5–which by the way I love the nylon band, so there. Worse, I ended up here and am contemplating all sorts of watch purchases–particularly a Citizen Eco-drive. . . .

    The moral is buy the Timex, stay off the internet.

  20. New to the website, and glad I found it. I just inherited an Omega with automatic movement and that has regenerated my interest in watches.

    Always a fan of Timex’s and their outstanding customer service, I especially enjoyed reading about this one. Looking forward to reading through the old reviews and anxiously waiting for the next ones.

    Thanks for a great site.

  21. Beautiful watch! I still can’t believe it’s a “Timex”… Simple yet elegant with features beyond it’s price. I’m more of an “automatic” or manual movement man myself but I am dropping my prejudices and taking a look at acquiring a few Quartz watches and this Weekender would be a great place to start!

  22. Great review. I agree completely. I am in my fifth weekender and love everything about this watch. I do suggest a real leather NATO band as the band that comes with the watch stretched out a bit too much for my liking.

    • There is a model which is 43mm, but the 12,3,6 and 9 numbers are larger, which strangely makes it harder for me to read. Don’t know why. I also have an aversion for watches with only even numbers. I really like the Panerai system of only showing 12,3,6 and 9 only (see also Bell and Ross vintage).

  23. I must say that I think the inside numbering (“13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24”) seems like a waste. I don’t mind a busy watch face, but including those numbers adds no value to the watch. Negative space can be a real asset (Nomos for example), but just filling space to fill space is detrimental in my opinion.

    • Obviously you’ve never been drafted into the military – they tell time using 24 hour nomenclature. It is very useful to have this on your watch when you have to be somewhere on military time.

  24. I have a Timex Expedition which I bought about 5 years ago. I adjusted it once for daylight savings, then forgot about it. I have bought other watches since, an Ecodrive and a Seiko 5, but neither kept time reliably. Then I picked my Expedition up. In four years it had gained 10 seconds. It has an 8 year battery (indiglo use dependent) and is now my everyday watch because others have failed to tell me the time correctly. I have a SKMEI Chinese watch which is noisy, the Timex is under my pillow and doesn’t wake me at night. The Weekender has the perfect dial for legibility. Quartz is good if you want to know thetime.

  25. God help me, I bought a Weekender today. $US50 equivalent with a 20% discount, and now I am among the Weekend people. Lighter and easier to wear than the Expedition, with a crystal clear dial that is insanely easy to read in a nanosecond, and no date number that would require me to put on my reading glasses. I literally see the light. Everything my Expedition is and so much more. BTW, love that “classy as fuck” comment above. Does that qualify as an oxymoron?

  26. Timex always makes great, everyday watches, and this watch doesn’t seem to be an exception. I’ve always liked Timex timepieces because I can wear mine wherever I need to go. They always have a way of not being too formal, but not being too casual. They make a great addition to most any wardrobe and can go anywhere. And unless you’re a REAL watch snob, no one will ever look down on a good Timex watch. The watch face is simple, but elegant and certainly has that classic Timex “look”. And for the $55 price tag, it certainly looks like a great bargain.

    • One of the things I love about the Weekender is how easy it is to swap straps. Straps are inexpensive and can totally change the look and feel of a watch.

      I don’t see why a watch snob would look down on a well made and inexpensive timepiece. I wouldn’t!

  27. I bought one today from a second hand shop in Japan for just ¥1980! The moment I saw this watch I fell in love with it.. Came home coudnt stop thinking of this watch! Collected my savings and went and bought it.. I love this watch. I actually dont mind the ticking noise .. The only thing which I find it slightly annoying is the seconds hand not being 100% alligned with the dots. But all in all its a great watch!

  28. I’m relatively new to watches and just stumbled upon your site recently… and I love it! You’re doing great work, and as a PhD student I appreciate your focus on affordability (so I don’t always have to look at watches that I can’t afford for another decade at least haha). Just ordered the Timex Weekender 40 after reading your review, so thanks for that too!

    • Hey Alex,

      I think you’ll be pleased. I currently have three Weekenders in my home: a 40, a Chronograph, and a Reversible (that my wifey wears). I’ve had the 40 and Chronograph north of 3 years and no issues of any kind.

      Timex: they take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’.

      Best of luck in your academic pursuits!

  29. Timex has always gotten received unwarranted criticism from snooty watch enthusiasts imo. They have been around since the Mid-1800’s I believe and they don’t appear to be going away anytime soon. They offer a reliable watch with competitive designs and an affordable price. Timex makes a great first watch for a young child, especially if you know they are going to knock it around.

    • I’m with you there, though I have to admit that some of their more recent stuff is getting expensive given what’s inside. The rise of the microbrand should be spurring brands like Timex to innovate, not rest on their laurels. I still think watches like the Weekender and Expedition are good watches, but their value prop is starting to look less competitive.


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