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Timex SL T2N289 Review

By Cameron Martel


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About Timex

Timex as we know it today came to be in the mid-1980’s, though the company’s history dates as far back as 1854 (in one form or another). Famous for their slogan “it takes a licking and keeps on ticking”, Timex watches have become synonymous with inexpensive, durable, reliable quartz timepieces.

We consider Timex a reputable manufacturer and have had good experience with their watches.


Our reviews are based on our first-hand experience with the watch. All photos and media are created by us (unless otherwise credited). Learn more about how we review watches and check here to see real customer reviews, specs and prices on Amazon.

Review Summary

The Sea Gull ST16 movement used inside the T2N289 is pretty good and well-known in the affordable watch world. Timex did a good job styling the T2N289, though the build quality is average at best. If you can find it priced around $150 or less it’s good value, too. I’ve seen it as high as $250, and frankly, it isn’t worth anything close to that.

Timex T2N289 Automatic

Timex T2n289 Automatic Technical Specifications

  • Model Number: T2N289
  • MSRP: $185
  • Case Diameter: 43mm
  • Alternate Models: Other Timex automatics on Amazon
  • Movement: Automatic, Sea-Gull ST16
  • Complications: Day/date display, day/night indicator, calendar
  • Power Reserve: Approximately 36 hours
  • Water Resistance: 30m/99ft
  • Crystal Material: Mineral

Timex T2N289 Automatic

Setting the Time

This variant of the ST16 automatic comes with all the bells and whistles. However, all the complications are activated via buttons on the case. The crown only has two positions and is used only to set the time and day/night indicator.

How To set the time:

  • Pull crown to the furthest position (position 2). Turn the crown clockwise to set the time. Note that the day/date and day/night display will rollover at at midnight.

How To set the date & calendar:

  • Use the button on the top-left of the case to adjust the year display.
  • Press the button on the top-right of the case to adjust the month display.
  • Use the bottom-right button on the case to adjust the date display.
  • Press the button on the bottom-right of the case to adjust the day display.

Timex T2N289 Automatic

Timex T2N289 Automatic Aesthetics & Design

I managed to get some really great shots of this Timex, though in so doing I also managed to see several areas where the build quality doesn’t match its aesthetic. The T2N289 certainly looks like an attractive watch, with the complications and day/night indicator giving it a luxurious feel.

However, under zoom you can see numerous small imperfections in the dial and a couple on the mineral crystal. I can’t see them with a naked eye, but knowing that they’re there is a little frustrating. Timex is a major brand, and in other Timex’s we’ve reviewed the build quality has always been quite good.

The case has a polished steel bezel and lugs, and the caseback is a mat finished steel. The ST-16 movement showcases an engraved and machined rotor, though the exhibition window is quite small (and so is rotor, for that matter). The rest of the caseback is sparse save for model and movement information.

The overall look is fairly subdued, and it’s thin enough that you could wear it in nearly any setting. It dresses up or down well.

Timex T2N289 Automatic

Timex SL T2N289 Build Quality

Where the Timex falls short is in its build quality. It’s not built poorly, it just isn’t necessarily built well either. The quality of construction feels quite average throughout.

Crystal, Case, and Dial

The mineral crystal came out of the box with slight nicks, showing as white specs in the photos. I don’t notice them without the use of a camera, but now that I’ve seen them I can’t unsee them either. The crystal does appear to show a bit of wear as a result of the few weeks I wore it while reviewing the T2N289.

The case has held up well and shows only minor wear, most of it on the bottom-left side where it impacts my computer desk while I work. The brushed finish on the underside seems quite resilient to scratching.

Strap and Clasp

The leather strap felt a bit stiff during the first few days, but gradually it has softened up and is much more comfortable to wear now. It still isn’t supple or particularly soft. The crocodile grain looks nice and compliments the complicated dial. After a few weeks of wear it shows slight marks where it has been tightened.

The clasp is polished stainless steel and is engraved with the word Timex. It shows more wear than the rest of the watch. but is otherwise standard and unremarkable.

Timex T2N289 Automatic

More About the Timex SL T2N289 Automatic


The Sea-Gull ST16 is regarded as a fairly accurate and reliable movement when installed in Sea-Gull brand watches. There have been numerous instances where the ST16 has been unreliable or inaccurate when used in other brands. This is likely due to poor QC on the manufacturers end, but in the absence of information this is merely speculation.

How well the Sea-Gull ST16 movement holds up inside the Timex SL T2N289 has yet to be seen, and unfortunately very little information can be found online addressing these concerns. My experience over the last few weeks suggests an average deviation of 16 seconds per day- not exactly exemplary, but certainly not terrible either.

Timex T2N289 Automatic

Value for Money

The MSRP is around $185, but I’ve seen the T2N289 list for as low as $120 and as high as $250. It seems to be luck of the draw in terms of the price you’ll see it listed at. At $125 I have no hesitation recommending this watch as a good value. At $185 I still feel it’s pretty good value. At anything over that I simply can’t recommend it at all.

It does have a well known automatic movement, and that movement is as complicated as it gets. If you keep it wound it will display an annual calendar with minimal input required from you. However, the movement isn’t the most accurate and will require you to adjust the time every 4 – 6 days if you want it to remain accurate.

Then there’s also the concern regarding longevity. It came out of the box with a few noticeable imperfections- how will it stand the test of time? Furthermore, supposing you find it for a good price, do you get it serviced every 3-5 years like most automatics? The service would cost as much as a new watch…

I personally would pass on this automatic. For an inexpensive automatic my recommendation remains with a Seiko or Orient.

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  1. right on sent a note asking about moon phase watches last month,this is useful thank you.since i cant afford a 12k raymond weil,this could be for me all thought not a true moon phase.cam does the complication of true moon phase make the cost of the timepiece so high?i would enjoy the watch anyways

  2. Hi I am planning to buy this watch actually I already have placed an order for one….you have been using this watch…so till date has it been performing well?I have heard that the craftsmanship isn’t too well which results in the seconds or subdials falling off….did anything like that happen with your watch…?is it keeping good time?

    • I haven’t had any fit and finish issues outside of what was mentioned in the review. Everything remains intact and in good repair (so far). I want to point out that I wear the watch once or twice in a month, so it’s not getting a ton of wrist time to test its durability.

      As far as timekeeping, it seems to be remaining accurate to within 15-20 seconds per day. Far from exemplary, but pretty standard given the bargain-basement price.

  3. Hi the watch just arrived…. I was shocked to see that the strap was not black in colour…in the above pictures strap looks like its black in colour…..is it really black or u changed the strap?

  4. Hi cameron.
    This watch is gifted to me a couple of days…while exploring the watch i was unable to adjust the date day month and year but thanks to u i managed to adjust month day and day ut still i cud not adjust the year.i m pressing the button for the year adjustment but useless…any help in this regard pls

    • Is the button completely pressing when you push it? If not it may not activate the tumbler that spins the year dial.

      If you’re sure the button is depressing completely, and you’re also sure you’re pressing the right button, you may have a defective watch that requires repair or replacement from Timex.

  5. Hi Cameron. I have the T2N289 and what i have inscribed on its back cover is WR100M but the Spec on your website says “WATER RESISTANCE 30m/99ft”. Please, which is correct?


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