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Skagen Holst SKW6065 Review

By Cameron Martel


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This is the second Skagen watch review I have done, and like the first (the Skagen Ancher), it presents itself with contemporary minimalism.

Skagen designs tend to draw my eye- it’s no secret that I’m a fan of simple and sleek design. This type of design has staying power; ornate designs, unless done extremely well, tend to age rather quickly. I doubt the same will be true of the Holst.

Its MSRP is $155, though you can find it online for quite a bit less than that. This one cost $115 – comparable to a higher-end Timex – and is quite the looker at that price.

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Skagen Holt SKW6065 02


  • MSRP: $155
  • ALTERNATE MODELS: Many color and complication variants
  • MOVEMENT: Quartz
  • COMPLICATIONS: Day/date display
  • BATTERY LIFE: Estimated 3 years
  • WATER RESISTANCE: 50m/165ft
  • CRYSTAL MATERIAL: “Super hardened” mineral

Skagen Holt SKW6065 Wrist Shot


Skagen is quite popular and seems to be gaining popularity every day. It makes no secrets of its fashion watch intentions, and in that area it has also priced itself accordingly.

As a fashion watch I think Skagen has delivered a good product. It looks great, and what I really enjoy about the Holst is the subtle details that make it stand out compared to other watches.

The day and date display at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock are done in grooved reflective stainless steel. The rest of the dial has a mat texture, meaning the two complications radiate light exclusively. They draw attention to the watch without being overdone.

Skagen claims a profile of just 6.5mm; my measurement showed just north of 8mm to the top of the domed crystal. It may not be as thin as claimed, but it’s easily thin enough to tuck away effortlessly under a dress shirt.

Speaking of dress shirts, you don’t necessarily need one to wear the Holst. It looks good in just about any setting- a byproduct of its monochrome palette and minimalist design. The black leather strap blends in with anything, and it doesn’t scream for attention.

Skagen Holt SKW6065


Like the Ancher I reviewed a few months ago, the Holst looks fairly well built. Looking with your eye, you won’t find any markers out of place or hairs on the dial. Aside from two barely-perceptible white lines on the complication dials, you won’t find anything when looking under zoom, either. It’s built well for its price.


One area that I did notice the Holst showing wear was the polished steel case. The lugs seem to be attracting fine scratches, though not enough after a few months of wear to be really concerning (yet). The polished case also attracts fingerprints- seriously, so many fingerprints!

The “super hardened” mineral crystal still looks good despite several months of regular wear- no nicks or scratches there. It’s only slightly domed, so it’s not exactly clamoring for attention.

The hour markers – which are applied, and feature a strip of lume – are all aligned correctly. The printed Skagen logo, as well as the markings on the subdials, are also well done. It looks great.


The black leather strap is soft and supple on the underside. The top is a little rough to the touch, but it’s not bothersome given that the part that makes contact with your wrist doesn’t share that texture.

It’s also wearing well except for the area where I regularly close it with the buckle. It isn’t cracking, but you can clearly see polished lines where the buckle/clasp meet the strap. Compared to the semi-gloss of the rest of the strap, it’s quite obvious. It’s also completely hidden when on the wrist.

The stainless steel buckle, which is engraved with the Skagen logo, is stylized to suit the watch but is otherwise standard.

Skagen Holt SKW6065 Wrist Shot 02


Skagen is using a quartz movement with day/date complications at 12 and 6 o’clock, respectively.

I was unable to find any official information on the movement. In fact, the only information about the movement I did find was that it is a “Japanese Quartz”… and that was from an Amazon listing.

Skagen’s website also had no useful information. I e-mailed Skagen asking about it but have yet to receive a reply. If I do, I will update this area.


  • Pull the crown all the way out (position 3) to set the time – Turn the crown clockwise until the time has been reached. The day display will rotate to the next day, indicating AM time.
  • Pull the crown to the middle position (position 2) to set the date – You can only move the date one direction.
  • To set the date, pull the crown all the way out (position 3) – Turn the hands until it switches over to a new day. This is mildly annoying, but the only way I was able to set the day display.

Skagen SKW6065 Holst Wrist Shot


Skagen, like many fashion watch brands, places their focus on the look and feel of the watch. In that regard, the Holst is well done. From what I can see, it is built well; in the several months I’ve owned it, and across many hours of wrist time, it’s never been anything more than a silent companion. No problems, no issues, no frustrations.

As an affordable quartz watch with day/date display, the Holst is both attractive and suited for its job. I wish I knew more about the movement, but it’s given me no reason not to trust it.

I think I’ll pick up another Skagen and see how it compares to this Holst and the Ancher I reviewed in February.


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