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Skagen Ancher Review

By Cameron Martel


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About Skagen

Skagen Denmark created their first watch in 1991 and quickly curated a reputation for unique European design. Skagen grew considerably in the 1990’s, going from a single owner operator to over 100 employees worldwide. Today, Skagen is owned by Fossil Inc. after it was purchased in 2012.

Skagen’s corporate aim is to bring Danish-inspired ideals to the world through design imbued with purpose, honesty and simplicity.


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Review Summary

The Skagen Ancher is a fantastic looking timepiece. It’s lightweight, thin, and comfortable to wear thanks to the surprisingly soft saddle-brown leather band. It offers fair value for its price. For an everyday wearable and versatile quartz watch, the Skagen Ancher fits the bill nicely.

Skagen Ancher SKW6082
Skagen Ancher

Skagen Ancher Technical Specifications

Skagen Ancher SKW6082

Setting the Time

Setting the time and date is done via the crown. Note that the date display will automatically rollover at midnight.

How To set the time:

  • Pull crown to the furthest position (position 3). Turn the crown clockwise to set the time.

How To set the date:

  • Pull the crown to the middle position (position 2) and turn clockwise to set the date.

Skagen Ancher SKW6082

Skagen Ancher Aesthetics & Design

The Ancher is a fine looking watch, isn’t it? It resonates strongly with me because it embodies the design ideals I value: minimal, timeless, classic design. The Ancher delivers on all three fronts.

The white dial is not perfectly smooth. It has a subtle texture – similar to white paper – that gives the Ancher a mat finish. It looks clean but not monochromatic. Against a white and black backdrop, the blue seconds hand pops off the dial. The deep blue stands out against everything else.

The brushed steel finish looks excellent and compliments the shape and design of the Ancher. Shaped almost like a couldron, the Ancher rests nicely on the wrist. It presents itself well and adds to just about any outfit it’s paired with.

It draws a few comparisons to a Timex Weekender 40, but in a few areas it distinguishes itself significantly: detail and cohesiveness of design. The Weekender is a good looking watch, no doubt, but this Skagen eclipses it in every small way that matters.

Skagen Ancher SKW6082

Skagen Ancher Build Quality

Skagen generally maintains a good reputation for build quality. One area of criticism I’ve encountered when looking online is with respect to the durability of the integrated strap.

My impression of the Ancher is that the build quality is about what you would expect at this price point. With proper care I believe the Ancher will look great for many years.

Crystal, Case, and Dial

Skagen has not fitted with Ancher with a sapphire crystal, instead opting to use a “super hardened” mineral crystal. Since I don’t actively test the scratch resistance of watch crystals I can’t say if it is as good as a sapphire crystal, but I can say that after numerous photo shoots, weeks of wrist time, and general use it still looks great.

The brushed steel finish on the case also looks good, with tight tolerances on seams and a snug fit with the crown. It doesn’t show much wear after a few weeks of use.

Strap and Clasp

Where I’ve seen criticism of the Ancher online is about replacing the integrated leather strap. Looking at it, there are two small screws that act as the fastener that connects the strap to the watch. I could see how enough stress would cause one or both of those points to fail.

In my hands the strap and clasp have both held up well. The strap shows little wear despite frequent use, though the usual marks appear where the buckle tightens against it.

Skagen Ancher SKW6082

More About the Skagen Ancher


I have been unable to verify the exact movement used inside the Skagen Ancher. Skagen has been known to use Swiss and Japanese quartz movements. My experience with the movement suggests that it’s accurate, as it didn’t deviate by any discernible time frame during testing.

I will update this section when I learn more about the movement.

Value for Money

A sub $200 MSRP works well for the Ancher, as for that price it has a pretty good value proposition. It’s usually found for around $100 on Amazon, and it’s a great buy at that price.

At the $100 mark for watches you tend to have three options available: inexpensive clone-automatic movements, entry-level Japanese automatic movements, or intermediate Swiss/Japanese quartz movements. The Ancher is the latter of the three, and in that respect it does a good job.

I love how it looks and feels, and I appreciate that its minimalist styling means it can pair with just about anything.

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