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Timex Easy Reader 40th Anniversary Edition Review

By Cameron Martel


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My Irrational Love of Timex Continues With the Easy Reader 40th Anniversary Edition

In true WYCA fashion, I am once again hands-on with a Timex watch. If you are somehow unfamiliar with Timex, check out this article Don posted on their history and watchmaking achievements– it’s an easy read (ha).

The Easy Reader series from Timex is quite popular. According to SEMRush, the keyword “Timex easy reader” is searched nearly 2,000 times per month in the USA on its own– nevermind all the permutations of it. When considering Canada and the UK, as well as variations of “Timex Easy Reader”, monthly search volume climbs to north of 12,000 searches per month. Suffice to say, it’s a popular piece.

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Why it took me so long to order one off of Amazon (this one is a gift for my father in law) I don’t know, but here we are: Timex Easy Reader on the wrist, and with great things to say. Let’s check it out.

Timex Easy Reader Technical Specifications

  • Model Number: TW2R40000NG
  • MSRP: $60
  • Case Diameter: 38mm
  • Alternate Models: Lots of options for band, dial color, and features.
  • Movement: Quartz, the famous noisy tickin’ Timex
  • Complications: None
  • Battery Life: Estimated 3-5 years
  • Water Resistance: 30m / 99ft
  • Crystal Material: Mineral

Timex Easy Reader 40th Anniversary Edition

About Timex Watches

Brand Information

Founded in 1854, Timex has become the quintessential American watchmaker (though Bulova may argue otherwise). They are famous for making affordable timepieces that maintain high levels of quality and user satisfaction. Their proprietary backlight technology, Indiglo, was introduced in 1992 and forever set the standard on how backlighting should be done.

Read more about Timex.

Timex Easy Reader Wrist Shot


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Timex Easy Reader 40th Anniversary Edition

The Easy Reader Sure Is… Easy

Like just about every other Timex I’ve reviewed (and there’s been a few at this point), the Easy Reader is a well finished watch that definitely competes with other offerings at its price point. Finishings are on-par, or better than, most competition. Remember, this is a $35 – $55 watch.

But you don’t buy a Timex for world-class finishings, especially if you aren’t apt to get the watch behind a macro lens and start taking close-ups of the dial. If you’re a regular person that intends to look at the Easy Reader with your eyes (as opposed to a camera), you’ll find no flaw in its build- typical of Timex.

The Easy Reader fills a niche that most people will appreciate as they age. True to its name, the big Arabic numerals are easy to see day or night (thanks to the always-excellent Indiglo backlight).

Timex Easy Reader 40th Anniversary Indiglo Backlight

As Simple as a Watch Gets, & Beautifully So

Pressing the crown into the case activates the Indiglo backlight (as pictured above). Indiglo completely eliminates visibility problems due to low-light. In fact, I’d argue that the watch is nearly as easy to read at night as it is during the day. At least at night, there’s no glare against the mineral crystal.

Unique to the 40th Anniversary Edition of the Easy Reader is a little easter egg that becomes visibile when Indiglo is activated: a big “40” appears in the background. It makes the watch feel that much more special, and the same uplifting sentiment is applied to the underside of the strap (“Easy Reader Established 1977”).

Combined with a typical battery life of more than 3 years, and you’re left with a watch that is literally set and forget. Heck, my Weekender’s from a few years back are still ticking along on their original batteries. In the case of the Weekender Chronograph, we’re talking several years now.

In all my experiences with Timex, I’ve yet to encounter a major QA issue or flaw in the watch. All of them still work as they did when new, and that’s despite constant wear. I’ve got no reason to believe that the Easy Reader would be any different.


+2 seconds per day for the Easy Reader (according to Toolwatch.io), which is a bit high for a quartz but within the realm of reasonable deviation considering the sub-$50 price.


  • To adjust the time, pull the crown to the farthest position (position 2). Turn the crown clockwise to adjust the time.
  • To activate the Indiglo function, press the crown towards the case until it activates.

Timex Easy Reader Wrist Shot

Yep, I’m a Fan of the Easy Reader

I’d love to deviate from my usual Timex review and say that there’s something glaringly wrong with the Easy Reader, but there isn’t. Even the strap, which often feels like an afterthought on Timex watches, is a step up from the usual; the three-tone black/red/tan combination looks sharp and is quite comfortable to wear.

Also factoring into this sentiment is the ease of use: you can read this watch from across the room, which is perfect for those of us with declining eyesight. Anyone over age 40 will appreciate how easy the Easy Reader is to tell time on. My only real complaint would be the water resistance, and even then, it’s acceptable (but could be better).

For my father in law, the Easy Reader should tick all the right boxes: affordable, reliable, easy to use, even easier to tell time on, and comfortable to wear. If you value the same things in a timepiece, the Easy Reader should be a happy addition to your wrist.

Timex Easy Reader “40th Anniversary Edition” Photo Gallery

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  1. So true to the name. The big Arabic numerals, high contrast dial, plus Indiglo make it a very special watch. I didn’t know that the 40 lights up with the Indiglo. So cool!

  2. Timex is an amazing brand the watch looking wise aw some the feature are good.every one can easily buy this brand every thing is perfect on this watch

  3. I just bought one at my local Wally World on clearance for $20. I’m very impressed with the small details and high quality strap on this piece. The polished chrome casing is nearly perfect. I honestly don’t feel i’d ever swim in this watch, so i’m not concerned about water resistant. For everyday wear, washing hands and weather, it’s fine. I also like knowing that i’m wearing something a little special on my wrist. It’s nicer than a typical Weekender in my opinion.

  4. Do you know the case material? The only info I see is that it has a stainless steel back. The chrome on the case is beautifully shiny but it does not feel like metal. Thanks.


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