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Revisiting the Seiko SNK809

By Cameron Martel


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On January 12, 2014 I Published My Review of the Seiko SNK809

Bought on a whim, and the subject of the first watch giveaway I ever ran on WYCA, the SNK809 is a special watch. Over the last 2.5 years it’s become the single most popular review on WYCA, generating thousands of page views every month.

The SNK809 was one of the first watches that I photographed using my then-new Nikon D3200 DSLR camera. Some shots aren’t bad, but I find myself often wishing I had a done a better job. Not just of the photography, mind you, but of the review in general.

As of today WYCA has over 70 reviews on it, with all but two being penned by myself. With more experience in the world of watches, and with considerably more experience with watch photography, I decided to rebuy the SNK809 and reassess my review.

New Photos of the SNK809

I’ll never make the claim that I’m a pro photographer, or even a good one, but I will make the claim that I’m one of the one’s out there always looking to get better. I’m proud of the new photos I’ve taken of the SNK809- I think they do a much better job showcasing the watch and what makes it special.


Read the Updated Review

Read the updated Seiko SNK809 review. If you’ve read my original review of the SNK809, you’ll notice that the structure/layout has changed considerably. The tone and messaging has changed a bit too, as has the score.

In the interests of transparency I’ve made the original review available as a downloadable PDF. The honesty and integrity of my reviews is important to me, so anytime a major change occurs that modifies a watches rating, I want to make sure that when you read it you know that said change is justified.

In either case, enjoy the updated review and photos. The SNK809 is one of my favorite watches, and I feel better now knowing that I’ve done the watch a bit of justice. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

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