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Seiko SNK809 & SNK807 Giveaway!

By Cameron Martel


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Would You Like to Win a Watch? Yes? Keep Reading!

My birthday is on October 31. This is important because every year on my birthday I give someone a gift. My life is a good one, and I am blessed with a loving wife, a great family, and some of the best friends a guy could ask for. I want other people to enjoy life as much as I do, and to help that along I like giving people things that put a smile on their face. It’s my way of saying “Happy My Birthday!”

Today, I’m giving you the chance to win one of TWO brand-new Seiko 5 automatic watches (SNK809 & SNK807) along with a compliment of matching straps from Barton Watch Bands. Entering is easy: just follow the instructions below!

I Want to Do More Giveaways, But I Need Your Help

WYCA is a small website. When you share its content with your friends on social media, in person, or just talk about us in general, it helps our little website grow. As we grow we gain more clout with brands and manufacturers- as we gain popularity, our reach makes it easier for us to get review samples from brands.

Why does that matter? Because then we turn around and give them away! Yes! So, please, share! We want to do more contests, and to make that happen, this one needs to do well!

Here’s How to Enter

Scroll down (or swipe if you’re on mobile). Read the contest rules (in the contest widget below) to make sure you’re eligible to win (TL;DR – be over 18 or have parents permission, live in either Canada, the UK, or the USA).

Get entry points for following us on Facebook and Instagram, joining our newsletter, and sharing this contest. That’s it!

Watch Straps Provided by Barton Watch Bands


I’d like to send huge thanks to Barton Watch Bands, who happily sent me a bunch of straps to include in this contest. You can check out my review of their straps if you’re interested in what they’re like (they’re awesome).

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