Orient Watch Contest: Winners & Results!

Two People Just Won One of Two Orient Automatic Watches Congratulations to: “Chern****” and “Rich****” (names censored for privacy)- please check your e-mails for notification of your win! We will need your mailing address, full name, and phone number (for customs if you live outside of Canada). If you get …

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Seiko Kinetic SKA553

Seiko Kinetic SKA553 Review

This is a watch that combines some of the best elements of an automatic movement with the timekeeping accuracy and reliability of a quartz movement. Once charged, the SKA553’s kinetic movement keeps a six month power reserve. If this watch will be a daily wearer, I recommend it wholeheartedly; if this watch will be part of a larger collection, perhaps consider whether or not you want a kinetic movement at all…