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Watch Straps and Bracelets

By Rick Korchak


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Now that you bought that beautiful new watch, how about customizing it to your tastes with a new strap or bracelet? Removing the old strap or bracelet and installing a new one isn’t very difficult; see our video (below) for more information.

I’ll cover the tools and other strap/bracelet removing techniques in an upcoming article, but for now here’s a list of our favorite watch strap retailers and links to other strap manufacturers you may want to check out.

NOTE: We do not recommend buying or using watch straps made from rare, special or endangered species such as shark, stingray, lizards or others! There are plenty of nice leather, silicone, rubber, textile, Kevlar and other types of straps available, so choose them instead.

Our Favorite Watch Strap Retailers


Specializes in 20 mm and above dive watch straps but they also carry traditional leather straps in 20-26 mm. Reasonable prices, great service and they even take a photo of the strap and the packaging and email it to you when it’s ready to ship!


Based in Germany but ships worldwide. I’ve purchased several straps and a bracelet from them and although the shipping is a bit more expensive, sometimes they’re the only retailer with the strap I’m looking for and the packages arrived quickly.

They carry the very nice quality Hirsch straps and a few other brands. They also carry their own Watchstyle bracelets along with the very nice Vollmer bracelets and a few Hirsch bracelets. The bracelet shown in our Vostok Amphibia review is the Watchstyle Model 062.

Watch Prince

Located near Portland, Oregon in the U.S.A., they carry a large variety of leather, silicone, rubber and textile straps including the nice and soft Hadley-Roma silicone 18 mm strap (I have one on a Komandirskie), Fluco Kevlar straps (not my favorite), Di-Modell and more.

Many different widths, prices and quality levels. They also have some nice pilot-style straps with coated sides, which gives a nice finished appearance to the seam and NATO-style straps. They also have a showroom.

Freda Watch Straps

Straps by Di-Modell of Germany, Noble House, Hirsch, Hadley-Roma, Jurgen pilot watch straps and a house brand. Sometimes they have discounts and sales. Shipping is relatively inexpensive.

More Watch Straps and Bracelet Resources

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