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About Tissot

Tissot was founded in 1853 and has a legacy of building attractive watches at reasonable prices. They are part of the Swatch Group and are headquartered in Le Locle, Switzerland. Tissot has extensive history in sports, including cycling, fencing, ice hockey, formula one, and more.

Tissot is a reputable Swiss manufacturer and is generally well-regarded.


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Review Summary

Lacking any complications, save for the date feature, the Tissot Le Locle is a classic no-nonsense watch. Its Roman numeral hour markers and sculpted hour and minute hands provide a small amount of flair to an otherwise subtle timepiece. At $625 it isn’t the best value-play, but with an ETA 2824-2 movement and date functionality, coupled with Tissot’s quality and workmanship, you are getting a fine piece of kit in the Le Locle.

Tissot Le Locle Automatic Technical Specifications

Model Number




Case Diameter



Automatic, ETA 2824-2


Date display

Power Reserve

Approximately 38 hours

Water Resistance


Crystal Material


Operating the Watch

Both the time and date display are set using the crown. Note that you should never set the date when the time indicates between 9 pm and 3 am.

How To set the time:

  • Pull crown to the furthest position (position 3). Turn the crown clockwise to set the time. Note that the date display will roll over at midnight, indicating AM time.

How To set the Date:

  • Pull crown to the middle position (position 2). Turn the crown clockwise to set the date.

Tissot Le Locle Automatic Aesthetics & Design

Suffice it to say that the post photos do not do the Le Locle any justice at all. The textured mat-black dial contrasts against the chrome hour/minute hands and Roman numeral hour markers. It’s a very classy look overall, as the Le Locle commands your attention without having to bark at you to get it.

At 39mm, the case is perfectly wearable for most men. It isn’t ostentatious and it knows its place, relying on acting as a completionist piece as opposed to the peacocking type.

The black and chrome case and dial combo sit on a crocodile-grain black leather strap. Tissot chose a comfortable strap that is soft on the side. It pairs the stainless steel buckle to the case and completes the overall aesthetic.

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Tissot Le Locle Automatic Build Quality

The stainless-steel case feels solidly built, with a good weight and no signs of physical imperfection. This is what you can expect from a Tissot in this prince range, though- something put together well, though it lacks some of the flair that you get with a watch that’s a little more besp0ke. Once you’ve taken some time to break the leather in (it is quite stiff when brand new) you’ll find the Le Locle to be fairly lightweight for an automatic, making it comfortable to wear for long periods at a time.

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Crystal, Case, and Dial

Tissot has given the Le Locle sapphire glass, and like the rest of the watch, it remains durable and blemish-free after my review. It is not significantly domed and lies flat against the bezel.

The stainless case, which features a polished domed-bezel, delivers a great looking package that is also daily wearable. It shows none of the usual wear signs after review.

Strap and Clasp

The strap is genuine leather with crocodile grain. It has a nice feel to it and is quite plush against your wrist. The Le Locle features a deployment clasp that is quite attractive and should let you keep the leather strap looking great for a long time to come. During my testing the clasp never came loose or undid itself- it always felt snug and secure.

The deployment clasp, while quite secure, is also a bit of a bother from time to time. Most of the time you won’t even notice that it’s there, but sometimes you will find it quite difficult to actually unclasp. The first time I opened it I was worried that I had broken it- I quickly learned that it’s just an over-achieving clasp.

More About the Tissot Le Locle Automatic


The ETA 2824-2 is the workhorse of the ETA lineup. It’s an automatic winding, hacking, movement. It is accurate to within 20 seconds per day, though during my testing it showed an average loss of 3 seconds per day.

It is likely that Tissot uses an Elabore grade movement.

Value for Money

You can go on Amazon right now and buy a Le Locle Auto for $350. Should you? Absolutely.

Despite having an MSRP just north of $600, rarely have I seen it for sale for more than $400. At that pricing, the Le Locle Auto becomes a veritable bargain.

$400 will get you an expensiveish Japanese or Swiss quartz, entry-level automatic, or one of the many Germasian brands that are proliferating the internet. In this application, it gets you a sapphire crystal, Swiss construction, and the industry benchmark for an automatic movement.

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Tissot Le Locle Review Conclusion


My thoughts The Le Locle is a fine looking automatic that pairs with nearly any outfit with a sleeve. It's subtle, using dial-colored texture to draw the eye as opposed to flashy dials or decoration. It comes with sapphire glass, an ETA engine, and the build quality Tissot is known for. The Le Locle's a winner.

Aesthetics & Design
Build Quality
Movement Accuracy & Reliability
Value for Money

About The Author

If it ticks or tocks, I want it on my wrist. I'm a fan of all things that keep good time, and I can't resist a great looking watch. WYCA is my way of appreciating the engineering and artistry that goes into affordable watches. My favorite watch is my Jazzmaster Auto Chrono, and the watch I wear the most is my Weekender Chronograph. I currently have 33 watches in my collection.


  1. Sopota

    This watch can be found easily for 400$, here in Europe I can buy it from a boutique for 330€.
    Can you update your value score?

    By the way, awesome blog! Finally I found something I can follow and be useful for my watch shopping.

    • Cameron Martel

      One of the things I try to do is rate the value of a watch based on its advertised MSRP, as watches often go on sale or can be found discounted through non-standard means. At $400 this would be a very good buy 🙂

      I am also working on changing the format of the reviews to match my newest iteration (compare this review to this one (as an example): https://www.watchesyoucanafford.com/hamilton-jazzmaster-h32505151-daydate-automatic-review/).

      I’m glad you enjoy the site! 🙂

  2. Jameson

    I think the white dial of this watch with the golf-ball like textures is much better!

    • Cameron Martel


  3. Li

    I bought Tissot Le Locle January 2013 and now it’s been repaired TWICED! Only been using 20 months. First time it’s running faster 2-3hours per day then few months later 6-7 hours running under. Useless paying lots of money on this Crap wrist watch> Better trust other brand like citizen and seiko

  4. Erwin

    Hi can you do a review on tissot pr100 automatic? If ever this will be my first real Swiss watch aside from my swatch. Thanks much

    • Cameron Martel

      Hey Erwin,

      I’d love to do a review of the PRC 100 auto. However, I unfortunately can only review watches that manufacturers send for me to review, are supplied by owners, or I actually purchase to review/give away.

      I’m not popular enough to demand review pieces yet I don’t think since I’m only around 20,000 unique page views per month 🙁

  5. Erwin

    Btw I enjoyed your review on the Le Locle. How do you pronounce the name correctly?

    • Cameron Martel

      I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced “ley – lock-ell”, but I am probably wrong 🙂

      • Dhruva

        It’s French, so “luh lock-l(uh)” 🙂

  6. Razvan

    I just purchased a brand new LeLocle Automatic and discovered that is running 3 sec. faster than the GMT time, this within less than 24h. As I wa reading above apparently this is normal up to 20 sec/ day, however I will track its evolution during these days to see if it’s getting worse. Long story short a bit disappointing besides it is very good looking

    • Cameron Martel

      If you got it from an authorized dealer, you may be able to get it serviced under warranty. If you didn’t, keep an eye on it and take it to a watchmaker for regulation. That may be all it needs!

  7. ANdy farrow

    I bought a Tissot Le Locle last year and I wear it a lot. It’s understatedly elegant, unassuming and surprisingly accurate. The strap has been replaced from the standard black for a dark tan and it looks magnificent (I kept the Tissot deployment clasp though!).

    It is genuinely an exceptional watch for the price. Not because of the brand, but because of its design and execution. The hands are beautiful, the white face and black elevated numerals is genuinely classy. It has that texture detail on the centre of the face which I really like.

    I feel that I got genuine value for money when I bought this. I have more expensive timepieces (we all say that!), but this one in particular works with most occasions and situations and I wear probably 50-60% of the time.

    Bravo Tissot, bravo!


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