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Tissot T-Touch Classic Review

By Cameron Martel


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About Tissot

Tissot was founded in 1853 and has a legacy of building attractive watches at reasonable prices. They are part of the Swatch Group and are headquartered in Le Locle, Switzerland. Tissot has extensive history in sports, including cycling, fencing, ice hockey, formula one, and more.

Tissot is a reputable Swiss manufacturer and is generally well-regarded.


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Review Summary

There are just a few small quibbles that kept the T-Touch Classic from scoring perfect. It’s the quartz watch that can be dressed up or down easily, looks great with just about anything, and has great functionality built in. I refer to it as the Grown Up’s Timex because it packs a ton of great features (and backlighting) into an attractive and distinctly adult timepiece.

Tissot T-Touch Classic

Tissot T-Touch Classic Technical Specifications

  • Model Number: T083.420.11.057.00
  • MSRP: $695
  • Case Diameter: 42mm
  • Alternate Models: Different color and functionality combinations available
  • Movement: Quartz, E49.301
  • Complications: Timer, Chronograph with Lap Time Split, Alarm, Compass, Tide
  • Battery Life: Approximately 3 years
  • Water Resistance: 100m/330ft
  • Crystal Material: Tactile Sapphire Crystal

Tissot T-Touch Classic

Operating the Tissot T-Touch Classic

This watch has a lot of functions built in and most are accessed via the touch sensitive crystal. To activate most functions you press the crown for 1 second- after doing so the “T” symbol will flash on the LCD screen. To activate the backlight, hold the crown for 10 seconds.

Note that due to the number of functions the T-Touch is capable of that I will not outline how to use them all. Read the complete user manual here.

How To set the time:

  • Press the crown for 1 second
  • Tap the center of the glass to alternate between T1 & T2
  • Press and hold the button above the crown for 2 seconds- this activates the setting mode
  • Press and hold either button above or below the crown to move the minute hand in the respective direction
  • Once set, press the center of the glass to validate the time

How To set the date:

  • Press and hold the crown for 1 second
  • Tap the center of the glass until the date is displayed
  • Press and hold the button above the crown for 2 seconds- this activates the setting mode
  • Push the buttons above/below the crown to move the date forward/backwards respectively
  • Press the center of the glass once set to confirm the setting

Tissot T-Touch Classic

Tissot T-Touch Classic Aesthetics & Design

I think that this is a fantastic looking watch. The stainless steel case is two-toned polished/brushed, and it really showcases the dial well. The stainless steel bracelet has similar treatment ad completes the aesthetic. It’s slick, no doubt.

The dial itself is relatively uncluttered considering how much is crammed on there. The LCD screen takes up the lower third of the dial and blends in- the screen doesn’t differ in color from the dial unless you activate the backlight.

It’s a good size on the wrist, too. For most men, the T-Touch Classic will feel right at home.

The engraved compass indicator is a nice touch, as they are obvious but not obtrusive. It makes it clear that this watch has many functions built in without having to spam them all along the bezel. The entire setup looks and feels premium.

Tissot T-Touch Classic Build Quality

My experience with the T-Touch Classic has been quite positive, despite the lower button popping off after taking a slight impact. Thankfully, the repair was covered under warranty at no cost to myself.

Crystal, Case, and Dial

The sapphire crystal shows fingerprints, though it’s mostly because most functions of the watch are activated by tapping the screen. Want to use the chronometer? Press the crown and tap the respective spot on the screen. Of course, this is an invitation for fingerprints.

The case has held up well to continuous use. Over the two years that I have owned it, the T-Touch Classic shows average wear despite above-average use. This is pretty typical of steel watches, though this one feels a bit more durable than most.

Overall I’m impressed with this Tissot.

Strap and Clasp

The stainless steel bracelet is heavy, as is the deployment clasp. Both pieces feel strong, as they should, and neither even hints at failure. The deployment clasp will not release unless you press the buttons. I’m a fairly strong guy and was unable to pull it apart. Because of that I would feel confident wearing this watch in almost any situation.

The two-tone finish of the steel has also held up well, with the brushed inserts showing a bit more wear than the polished portions (which surprised me a bit). Overall, I have no complaints in this regard.

Tissot T-Touch Classic

More About the Tissot T-Touch Classic


Tissot is using the quartz E49.301 movement to power the T-Touch. As it is essentially a computer, it is accurate to within a fragment of a second per day. Built in functions include: chronograph, chronograph with split lap, tide function, compass, annual calendar.

It also has not required a battery change despite my surpassing the two year ownership mark.

Value for Money

Would I pay $700 for the Tissot T-Touch Classic? Absolutely I would.

For that kind of money you can get yourself into some nice Swiss automatics or higher-end quartz watches, and I feel the T-Touch Classic fits right into that bracket. It stands apart from its peers due to the sheer number of things its capable of, and it doesn’t look or feel like a computerized watch. In this respect, the T-Touch Classic does a fine job of bridging the gap between digital and quartz.

Despite one of the buttons falling off, I feel the T-Touch Classic is built well. If I hadn’t smucked the watch against a ceramic tile, I’m sure the button would have remained intact. Either way, the repair was covered by warranty.

I like the T-Touch Classic.

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47 thoughts on “Tissot T-Touch Classic Review”

  1. Hi, Thanks for the review, it looks very helpful. I intend to buy this for my husband and have found a lot of negative reviews on the touch sensors of the watch, these issues generally crop up after a few years of use. I just wanted your opinion on those.

    • I’ve only had mine for a couple of months now but it hasn’t posed an issue. In fact, the T-Touch Classic has been an exceptional watch to me since I’ve acquired it.

      Also, Tissot backs its timepieces with a 2 year warranty. Make sure you buy yours from an authorized dealer to ensure you don’t encounter any issues with the warranty (should you need to use it).

      Enjoy 🙂

      – Cam

  2. The watch looks great and probably will by(from a local dealer) but wondering if the led screen also can be dual time or in the time mode is it only day date and year display?

    • Hi Steve;

      The LED screen can not be used for dual time. It is the display for all your secondary functions, such as chrono, compass degree, etc.

      – Cam

      • Hello Steve and Cameron,

        I received mine just one week ago and I’m very happy with it.

        For your knowledge, it is possible to use the led screen as a dual time : touch the center of your watch twich and leave it.



    • There are lots of variants of the T-Touch. The T-Touch classic does not have lume on the hands, but the T-Touch II does.

      Low-light/no-light visibility on the T-Touch Classic is what you’d expect for a watch with no lume or backlight. Very hard to see unless there is a light source nearby.

      • I’m sold on the looks, existing features, and price of this watch. But being able to see the watch face and tell the time in the dark is one of the most important feature for me that I can’t do without. Oh well, I have to find another watch. Thanks for the answer. 🙂

          • If you look at the watch face (that Amazon link is the same watch, btw) you’ll see that it has small lume pieces. They don’t really work well (hence my review), but they are there. If night time visibility is crucial for you I wouldn’t recommend this model of T-Touch.

            However, your experience may be different so I’d encourage you to try one on and have a look for yourself. I personally find nighttime visibility to be non-existent. However, I also don’t recall a backlight so I’ll have to confirm 🙂

          • Hi Cameron,
            Ended up buying this watch and very happy with it….
            You are right that the luminescent hand are not functional and there is a back light, I have found by changing the mode to time on the LED it makes viewing the time better at night..
            Also I have worked out most functions and impressed by the sleep mode.. set up for tides compass went well (I’m still a bit slow with changing them but getting my head around it, only had the watch for about a week)

          • Glad you are enjoying the T-Touch Classic! I have to say it’s one of my favourite watches in my collection.

          • Well, I’ll be damned. Pressing and holding the “T” button (aka the crown) will activate the backlight on the LED portion only.

          • Yes, I will check the actual watch this weekend and see for myself. Thanks for the clarifications. Your review is extremely helpful! 🙂

          • Thanks for your kind words Wilbert!

            To clarify: there is a backlight on the LED portion only, no lume on the hands or face.

  3. Also, does this watch have a feature that displays the name of the week like if it is “Monday”, “Tuesday”, etc.? Thanks for the awesome review!

    • I don’t believe it has day display, but to be honest I can’t really recall. I’ll have to check it out tonight to see. 🙂

      • The watch does show the Day (Sun, Mon, Tue…) but only when you are setting the date/time.
        It appears under the date on the right hand side.

        You’d think that with such a classy watch you should be able to configure it to display the date.

        Outside of that, I have had my watch for about two years and it has been great. Being from Australia and travelling to the US the compass came in handy in resetting my reckoning of where North is.

  4. Hi, I’m interested in buying the one with leather strap. Do you have a view on that ? Can the led portion always stay on the time mode or does it revert back to a default setting e.g. display date. I prefer the digital time.

    BTW, a great review.

    • Hi Maxime;

      Tissot backs their timepieces with a two year warranty (assuming you bought from an authorized dealer). I haven’t heard much about reliability concerns, nor have I experienced any problems myself. I can’t speak to the rumours 🙂

      – Cam

  5. i have a navigator 3000 for about 7 years now. exept 1 batterychange no problems

    btw : realy accurate, i set the time the first time with internet and it stays with it

  6. Sadly, the rumors are true. I bought the T-Touch titanium expert 2-3 years ago. It was an awesome watch and everything I hoped it would be until recently when it inexplicably stopped working. I thought it was the battery but, after replacing it, the watch still didn’t work. The Jewler sent it to Tissot for a repair estimate. Cost of repair? $450. It needs what amounts to an overhaul and a new crystal. I don’t swim in it, shower in it, or drop it. No magnetic encounters. I don’t wear it often and, when it’s not on my wrist, it’s in its case. I talked to Tissot directly and, to them, this is simply routine maintenance like an oil change/tuneup on a car. Except that an oil change/tune up on a $30,000 car doesn’t cost $10,000. So basically, after 2 years, this watch can cease to function for any reason or no reason at all. If I had understood the high maintenance cost of this watch and its extremely limited functional lifespan, I would have never bought it. So beware.

    • Wow, that’s quite the story! Did Tissot say what’s actually wrong with the watch?

      I’m surprised to read that they’d be so ambivalent about it.

      • That’s the point. They don’t seem to think there’s anything wrong. In their opinion, it just needs service and this is what service entails. I expected far better in a high end watch since much less costly watches can work flawlessly for decades. Cool as this watch is, it is now the worst watch I have ever owned and I would never consider buying another like it.

          • Maxime–I’m happy to help someone avoid falling into the same money pit that I fell into. It’s still the coolest watch out there but people should be aware of the potential cost of owning it.

  7. ive wanted a tissot for a long time but knew no one who had any experience with them its a good review that was helpful

  8. Regarding to what Richard wrote about his T-Touch that inexplicably stopped working, I can confirm the same situation with my T-Touch I from 2003.
    It was bought in Switzerland at an authorized Tissot dealer in Zurich. After 3 years it also stopped working. Only normal time function with hands was still working. Back in 2006 I went to an authorized dealer here in The Netherlands. At that time this defect wasn’t well known and it would have cost me $ 300,- to replace the electronics. I also thought this was not in proportion to it’s cost price ($ 850,-). So I decided not to repair it. A friend of my experienced exactly the same a few months later.

    Recently I went to an authorized dealer to check out the T-Touch Classic and told this story to the salesman. He then told me that, nowadays, it’s a well known problem with the (older) T-Touch models. He also told me that in some cases they will give an extra large discount up to 50% to costumers when they reconsider to buy a new Tissot (T-Touch) again. I don’t know if this is ”subsidized” by Tissot or that this is an individual dealer action. Nevertheless, today I received my birthday gift; Tissot T-Touch Classic with brown leather strap:-) I hope Tissot learned from these defects and have improved their products.

    btw thanks for the good review on this watch!

    • Wow, that’s quite the story! Unfortunately it sounds similar to a couple of others that I’ve heard.

      So far I’ve been very happy with my T-Touch Classic. I’ve had it for just over a year now without issues… time will tell how it does long term.

  9. Got this watch as a birthday present. It stopped functioning 28 months later. Tot, it was battery but nope, it needs overhaul and cost a bomb. Put it back into the watch box just to admire the so-called features.
    Bought myself an ugly Casio GShock in replacement. Works like what a hi-tech watch should do.

  10. How does this watch receive/ maintain a 5 star rating based on it’s poor reliability and ridiculous cost to “maintain”?

    • In the time I’ve had it I have had no problems with it. It’s one of my daily wearers. As much as I understand that other people have had issues with the watch, I can’t ethically write a review and score the watch based on the experiences of other people. I intend to post a two-year update when the time arrives for a lot of these watches, so we’ll see how the T-Touch does by then 🙂

  11. I brought my Touch Classic pretty much the same time as as you did Martel and the original battery is now up for replacement. The cost of battery replacement & reseal can vary wildly depending on where you go. A well respected specialist is doing a ‘while-I-wait’ service for £40, whereas when I was looking to buy it, one of the shops I enquired with would have charged me £120 and I’d have to send it away for 2 weeks.

    They did say that they would carry out a pressure test and if it was not up to scratch they would only replace the seals as part of a full service at a cost of £165.

  12. Hi

    This question is coming från Sweden Stockholm, so my English is not that good. I am sorry about that.

    Well, ive read everything here about your Tissot T Touch classic and i am curious about hos it works now about 3 years after you bought it?

    I wanted to buy the watch for several years ago now, i think it was about 3 years ago actually but i bought a Invicta Jason Taylor Special edition watch instead that I absolutely love. And that watch cost me ruffly 3500 English pounds ( 35’000 Swedish kronor). And that meant that i didint buy the Tissot, but I saw the watch for a couple of weeks ago used and i remembered how beautiful that watch is so thats why im asking.

    I am thinking of buying the version that dont have any numbers but with steel bracelet.

    How old is the watch, now it cost in Sweden ruffly 420 english pound brand new with full insurance so that if it brakes down in 3-5 years I get refunded or get a new.

    Is the watch worth it to buy today, several years later? And for that price?

    To replace the battery in my Invicta cost me 150 Swedish kr, that is about 15 pounds. So i dont understand that massive numbers cost that are refered. I asked wath it should cost for the Tissot, they say, the same. Every standard watch the same. 🙂

    Thanks by the way for your great review.
    Please get in touch with me as soon you can. Thanks!

    / Victor (Stockholm)

    • Hi Victor,

      I am actually writing a follow up review of the T-Touch as we speak. It’s due to go live sometime later this month.

      The long and the short of it is: aside from having one of the buttons fixed under warranty, the T-Touch Classic has been great to me. It is wearing well (despite being all steel), still looks good, and hasn’t caused me any problems other than one of the chronograph buttons popping off.

      • Wow, thanks.

        Great, thanks.

        Do you know how old the actual watch is?
        Is it overpriced do you think today in Sweden?

        Thanks again!

        (You should check out the Invicta Jason Taylor special edition watch, i Would love to hear your imput on it. )

        • Hi Victor,

          I’ve had the T-Touch Classic for about 3 years now. Tissot released this version of the T-Touch watches in 1999.

          In terms of it being overpriced today in Sweden, that’s tough for me to call. As I’m not in the local market I’m not sure of what it’s selling for there. Sorry I can’t be more assistance here!


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