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Timex Waterbury Classic in Rose Gold

By Cameron Martel


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The Waterbury Classic: Another Affordable Win From Timex

The Waterbury collection is Timex’s dressier line of affordables, with timeless styling and a multitude of options in terms of sizes, straps/bracelets, and color schemes. On my wrist here is the is the Classic 36mm in rose gold and brown crocodile-grain leather (model: TW2R72500VQ), which is a unisex dress suitable for most occasions.

My experiences with Timex have been positive, especially when assessing their core products that incorporate what Timex is best at – quartz movements, Indiglo lighting, and classic styling. The Waterbury Classic, as shown here in this combination, fits that description. With an MSRP just north of $100, the Waterbury Classic is an affordable and upscale looking watch that fits in most circumstances.

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Thanks to its size, it’s also a unisex watch that is equally comfortable on the wrist of a man or a woman (as Melissa and Don demonstrate here). Let’s check it out. Disclaimer: Timex sent me this watch for review at my request.

Timex Waterbury Classic Technical Specifications

  • Model Number: TW2R72500VQ
  • MSRP: $109
  • Case Diameter: 36mm
  • Alternate Models: Lots of options for band, dial color, and features.
  • Movement: Quartz, the famous tickin’ Timex
  • Complications: None
  • Battery Life: Estimated 3-5 years
  • Water Resistance: 30m / 99ft
  • Crystal Material: Mineral

Timex Waterbury Classic

About Timex Watches

Brand Information

Founded in 1854, Timex has become the quintessential American watchmaker (though Bulova may argue otherwise). They are famous for making affordable timepieces that maintain high levels of quality and user satisfaction. Their proprietary backlight technology, Indiglo, was introduced in 1992 and forever set the standard on how backlighting should be done. Read more about Timex.


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Timex Waterbury Classic

Sized & Styled to Near Perfection

The Waterbury Classic was recently added to my list of his and hers watches priced under $500, and for good reason. The styling is timeless and distinctly Timex; the size is perfect for most people – men and women – to enjoy; and with an MSRP of $109, it’s easy to find on the street for under $90.

More to the point, this particular model – the rose gold and brown leather – is a great looking combination that is polished without being too posh.

Someone looking for an everyday wearer suitable for most casual or dress occasions will find the Waterbury Classic to be an ideal companion. Unlike the Weekender, which is decidedly more casual than the Waterbury, the Waterbury has found the perfect line to walk. Not too casual, not too dressy, and feeling right at home with either descriptor.

Timex Waterbury Classic on Don's Wrist

Timex Pulls No Punches With the Waterbury Classic

The secret to the Waterbury Classic’s appeal is in its simplicity, but also in the combination of numerous small advantages that, together, elevate the Waterbury from its mainstream peers. When I mentioned to Don that he’d be modeling the Waterbury for me, his immediate response was “awesome, I love that design”. And what’s not to love?

On his wrist, the Waterbury is subtle and sophisticated. This color combination takes it a step further, and most people would have no idea that it’s “just” a Timex. In my eyes, that’s the beauty of it: it looks an order of magnitude more valuable than what it will cost to acquire it… admirable quality for any watch to have, and one Timex seems to enjoy giving their watches.

Timex Waterbury Classic

Featuring a Quick Release Strap & Standard Buckle

This is the first Timex I’ve encountered with a quick release strap, and I hope it’s not the last. Quick release is such an obvious value-add and goes a long way in making a watch long-lasting. Even for me – having changed watch straps a hundred times and more – the process of changing the strap is a pain in the ass (as was especially the case with the G-Shock DW-5600E I reviewed and ran over a few weeks back).

Quick release solves that problem, making the entire change-out take 10 seconds or less. The strap itself is a step up from what you’ll find on “lesser” Timex pieces, feeling quite comfortable on the wrist and looking great. I expect it will wear just fine; you should get a few years out of it assuming you treat it right.

Timex Waterbury Classic

My New Favorite Timex

The Waterbury Classic is the Timex I’ve been waiting for. It’s no secret that my preferred style is business casual/dress, and the Waterbury Classic falls right into that mold. Not only does it fit, but it does so without feeling pretentious, cheap, or redundant. It very much deserves its place among the best in its segment.

Timex Waterbury Classic Indiglo

It Fits the Bill While Costing Less Than One

With classic styling, Timex’s wonderful Indiglo, and finishing that’s on par with watches costing two or three times as much, the Waterbury Classic is a watch I’m happy to recommend. It hits the mark in all the right places, feels great on the wrist, and the low cost of entry only serves to exemplify that feeling.

If you’re looking for an affordable and well-made casual/dress daily wearer, and you don’t want to spend much more than $100, the Waterbury Classic is the watch you’re looking for.

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