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Top 6 Digital Watches Under $500

By Akil Wingate


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Digital fans rejoice. Even when the wave of digital timepieces sweeping hipsters and watch connoisseurs alike seems to surge like a tsunami, that doesn’t mean the prices have to as well. The curious world of horlogerie is a dense and vast one, rich with oddities and beauties, rarities and must haves. We’ve curated a list of 5 must haves under the $500 limit for you to add to your collection.

The Void Unisex VO1EL BL/BL Quartz

The Void Unisex. Photo courtesy of Void.


The Void VO1EL is a digital timepiece that ticks with precision and authority. There is no sneaking around the fact that the fine folks at Void have rendered a unisex timepiece that will look good on him or her, in the gym or in the office. This one goes the distance in terms of versatility and style.

Retailing for $190, the baby of Swedish designer David Ericsson is slick at a 42mm diameter and minimalist case and dial. Void simply put is devoid (pun intended) of any clutter in Ericsson’s capable hands. And in your capable hands the VO1EL looks every bit the part of a game changer.

Braun Classic Men’s Black Mesh Digital Watch 

The Braun Classic Mens Digital Mesh. Photo courtesy of Braun.


It should come as no surprise that any list featuring Void should naturally feature Braun. You’ll be hardpressed not to find the two lined up next to each other as comparable timepieces. While the Braun does retail for a heftier $390, it still warrants the same amount of awe and envy that its rival Void undoubtedly gets.

The Braun features a stylish mesh bracelet that looks all kinds of cool when offset with the simple rectangular time display. On the side you’ll find two control buttons for all your requisite settings. Black face and stainless steel case complement the all black everything theme here. Simple, minimalist design at its best.

Nixon Time Teller Digi

The Nixon Time Teller Digi. Photo courtesy of Nixon.


Speaking of minimalist, Nixon renders a cheeky offering in its Time Teller Digi Watch. Retailing for a steal at only $69, the Time Teller Digi is all about appearances. Inspired by an analog look, this timepiece is defiantly digital. The faux crown is actually a button for your light settings. There are two more buttons for other settings on the left side of the watch.

Time comes in 12 hour and 24 hour format. And a backlight function also couples with a positive or negative LCD display. Water resistance is 100 meters.

Casio Databank Series

The Casio Databank. Photo courtesy of Casio.


Casio is the brand that started it all essentially. Years ago when Atari and Pacman were killing the video game competition and MTV was an actual music television network, Casio was the go to watch for the digital revolution. Now that the retro look has caught on with full fervor, Casio is just that brand to buy. The Databank series which ranges in price from $9 to $60 is every bit of a steal.

The Databank features the iconic calculator, a stainless steel case and 33mm diameter. While not your sport watch to be taking to the pool for a healthy swim, the Databank is water resistant up to 30 meters. The silvertone color palette is on par with the Casio of days gone by. Your digital display features time, date, day, month and stopwatch. Other variations include black.

Electric ED01 T NATO

The Electric ED01. Photo courtesy of Electric.


Electric has carved out a niche as a brand that populates our fashion spaces with snow gear and apparel, accessories, sunglasses and timepieces. Their constellation of watches is head turning. Enter the ED01. Here’s another entry into the minimalist digital race with its 40mm polycarbonate case, raised bezel, analog quartz movement and 100 meters of water of resistance.

Robust and refined are the two words that first come to mind. Retailing for a modest $70, the ED01 is not only gentle on your wallet it’s gentle on your style credibility. If anything it will boost your street cred. The polyester nato band features a velcro closure and steel buckle. Lightweight on your wrist, heavyweight in the style arena.

NOOKA Unisex Zub Zenv 20

The Nooka Zub Zenv 20. Photo courtesy of Nooka.


NOOKA is the product of Matthew Waldman’s design genius. The brand which houses portals for fragrances, belts, sunglasses and wallets; has cultivated a buzz for itself as a maker of stylish wristwatches. The Zub Zenv 20 is winter white and sleek with vertical lines cutting stylishly across the watch face.

Retailing for $130, the Zub Zenv 20 is lightweight with its polyurethane body, 38mm diameter and a water resistance of 3ATM.  Other features include backlight, chronograph, date and time. If nothing, the Zub Zenv is classically casual.

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