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Interested in Something Different? Check Out the 2016 WatchUSeek Project Watch.

By Cameron Martel


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A Week Ago I Got Contacted By a Gentleman Named Tom…

And he wanted to let me know about the WatchUSeek project watch currently under development. This is the first I’d ever heard about a WatchUSeek project watch, so I pressed him for details. It sounds to me like they’re building something pretty cool (I’ve reserved one for myself).

If you’re a regular on WUS you like already know what I’m talking about. If not, I’ll give you the two minute primer: the first WUS project watch happened in 2011, using a Chinese mechanical movement and input from the user base. It was a success. So successful that they’ve done it every year since.

They’ve Upped the Ante This Year

This year they’re working with a new automatic movement – the Peacock SL6601 – that has a 70+ hour power reserve. That’s a big power reserve for just about any watch, let alone an automatic coming in at around $350. Oh, and it’s coming with sapphire glass front and back, too.

Tech Specs:

  • Peacock SL6601 automatic movement
  • 70+ hour power reserve
  • Date display
  • Small seconds @ 9 o’clock
  • Power reserve indicator @ 3 o’clock
  • 44mm case size

Want to Get In On This Action?

Check out the photos below for some renderings on the 2016 WUS project watch. Check out the project watch forum to participate in voting, help select the overall look, and to place your order. Payment is made via PayPal, with 50% up front and 50% upon completion.

Personally, I’m getting one because I love that the community is making this happen. Also, that movement seems like it’s going to be a real slick unit- can’t wait to get my hands on one.

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