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We’re Giving Away a Castle Corbel

By Cameron Martel


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If You’re In Our Mailing List, You’re Already Entered to Win a Castle Corbel

Castle Watch Co. generously gave us two Castle Corbels (read our Castle Corbel review), so now we’re giving them away to our readers in what has got to be the easiest contest ever.

If you read our review, you’d already know that we think the Corbel is a good daily from a new watch company. Its sapphire crystal keeps it looking good, and we do think it looks good :).

About Castle Watch Co.

Castle Watch Co. is brand new, having released their inaugural model – the Corbel Standard Issue – in the fall of last year. They offer a two year warranty on their watches as well as free shipping to anywhere in the USA.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/castlewatchco (their IG game is on point)

What’s Our Mailing List All About?

We mail out infrequently, don’t spam, don’t sell/share information, and generally respect the fact that your inbox is not a litterbox. Every now and then we send out a newsletter with some watch pics, links to a review or two, and sometimes information about an upcoming contest. 🙂

Contest Terms

  1. Contest open to all residents of Canada, USA, and UK. If under the age of majority, ensure you have parental/guardian permission before entering.
  2. You must respond to our e-mail within 3 days or we will re-roll among entries to find a new winner.
  3. We are giving away two Castle Corbel Standard Issue watches.
    I. 1 x castlewatchco.com/collections/corbel-collection/products/corbel-standard-issue-black-brown-pre-order-1
    II. 1 x castlewatchco.com/collections/corbel-collection/products/corbel-standard-issue-black
  4. The approximate value of the watch is $99 USD.
  5. The contest is open for new entries until April 22, 2016.
  6. To enter, you must subscribe to or already be subscribed to our mailing list.
  7. To withdraw your entry, simply unsubscribe from the mailing list on or before April 22, 2016.
  8. The winners will be selected via random number generator. The odds of winning vary depending on the number of entries (but let’s be real: we’re a small site, the odds are going to be pretty good :P)
  9. You can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time.
  10. The watches being given away were used and worn for the purposes of creating our review. They are in good condition, but are not in new/unworn condition.
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