Adrian Prisca

Owner & Chief Editor

Adrian had a watch on his wrist almost since his birth. He fell in love with mechanical watches at a very young age and even though he has a few luxury watches in his collection, from Rolex or Omega, he always had a thing for affordable, high quality watches. He knows the watch industry like the back of his hand, that’s why he was thrilled to take over this blog.



Driven by his passion for online marketing and web development, Adrian launched numerous online projects in his 20s in various industries and built several successful businesses from the ground up. He also started a digital marketing agency a few years later to help other companies grow their presence online, but eventually he stepped down from that role to focus on his own projects.

That's when he founded OMG, a new media company that curates an exceptional collection of purpose-driven blogs and online magazines. As Chief Executive Officer, Adrian oversees all content initiatives and business strategies for all brands under the company's umbrella.

With new team members added to WYCA, a revamped design and a content strategy focused on what people want, Watches You Can Afford quickly became one of the most popular watch blogs in the world under his leadership.


Adrian has a double degree in IT and Business Administration from Lucian Blaga University. He works closely with the editorial team to make sure all content serves readers in ways that are clear, engaging and helpful.

EXPERTISE: Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Business
EDUCATION: Lucian Blaga University
LOCATION: Sibiu, Romania
TITLE: Chief Editor

About Watches You Can Afford

WYCA stands as a testament to the charm and reliability of affordable watches. Reaching over 100,000 people each month, our website is a resource specially created for watch enthusiasts who value practicality without compromising on style. Watches You Can Afford features thorough reviews from people who not only write about the watches but also wear them, ensuring each review is rooted in authenticity.

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