Erik Rowe

Associate Editor

Erik has always been fascinated with all things horological, from dive and sports watches to high-end timekeeping wonders. He’s a real watch enthusiast whose love and passion for watches extended into collecting, writing and even working on watches.



Erik has worked as a freelance copywriter for more than five years and he became the editorial assistant for Watches You Can Afford in the summer of 2022, covering affordable watch roundups and in-depth features about watchmaking. He quickly became the main voice behind this website and began editing for our sister brand as well, Luxatic.

When he's not busy with his day-to-day responsibilities, you'll still find him immersed in the world of horology. In his spare time, he's likely pouring over the latest watch catalogs, creating detailed wish lists of his future timepiece acquisitions, or visiting local watchmakers to learn more about the craft.


Erik received a Bachelor’s degree from Hunter College, where he studied Physics and Astronomy. He's not planning to go to space anytime soon, but his love for watches, physics and storytelling made him the perfect candidate to cover watches on WYCA.

EXPERTISE: Watches and Wonders
EDUCATION: Hunter College
TITLE: Associate Editor

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