John Phillipp

Vintage Watch Expert

John is an avid watch lover and recently started buying and selling vintage watches. His love for watches has been a lifelong story with many watches in his personal collection. Recently John has been fascinated with Timex automatic watches from the 1960’s and Vintage Omega watches as well.



John’s full-time passion and professional career is in the casino resort industry. John Phillipp has over 30 years of casino experience with major corporate and Tribal properties around the country.

John worked for Harrah’s for 23 years holding positions in virtually all casino operating departments ranging from room service waiter, slots, table games, and casino management positions leading up to VP of Operations/Assistant General Manager.

John has a wife, three daughters, and two dogs. He says his life is very balanced and enjoyable. John likes to watch shop, golf, ride his motorcycle, and read.


John holds a BBA and MBA from Baker University of Kansas, and is currently in the dissertation phase of a PhD Management-Leadership program at Walden University.

EXPERTISE: Vintage watches, motorcycles and casinos
EDUCATION: Baker University
TITLE: Vintage Watch Expert

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