Swedish Watch Brands

15 Swedish Watch Brands You should Know

There’s a high chance you never considered buying a Swedish watch before. Allow us to change that for you. When it comes to choosing a wristwatch, most people gravitate towards the big well known watchmaking countries, Switzerland, Germany, and Japan, and that’s the obvious safe option. But we all know …

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affordable quartz watches

20 Super Affordable Quartz Watches You Might Like

The world of watch enthusiasts is split between those who share the love for watchmaking and timepieces, no matter their annual income or how big is their watch collection, or if they’re even collectors at all, and those watch snobs who consider you need to spend a fortune just to …

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American Watch Brands

20 American Watch Brands You Should Know

High end watchmaking is often associated with the label “Swiss Made”, and that’s fine considering the top and most respected brands in the industry are indeed Swiss, but it doesn’t mean we should ignore up and coming brands that craft their timepieces elsewhere. Sure, Germany and Japan are close behind …

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Affordable Titanium Watches

20 Affordable Titanium Watches You Will Want to Buy

With most watches coming in stainless steel, there’s a certain allure to more exotic materials such as titanium, that’s why titanium watches are more desirable today. But the characteristics that make titanium a great choice in various industries – think aerospace – also make it more expensive. Titanium offers several …

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Japanese Watch Brands

15 Japanese Watch Brands You Should Know

Everybody knows that Swiss watchmakers represent the elite of the watchmaking world, and that used to be true for a very long time, especially since their roots run deep in the watchmaking history, but that doesn’t mean that other countries are far behind. Japan is one of those countries that …

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Best Compass Watches

15 Compass Watches You Can Actually Afford

There aren’t too many people out there who use compasses anymore, but for those who do, it’s an important navigational tool, and it’s even better when it’s part of a watch. That’s why compass watches have come to exist. Why carry two separate tools when you can have both on …

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Affordable Swiss watch brands

20 Affordable Swiss Watch Brands You Should Know

Switzerland has always been associated with fine watchmaking and exquisite craftsmanship, being the birth place of some of the most accurate and qualitative timepieces in the world. But that usually means hefty price tags, with figures that soar way too high for most people to afford them, putting off most …

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Affordable Skeleton Watches

15 Affordable Skeleton Watches You Could Buy Right Now

A watch’s beauty often comes from its dial, but as with the majority of things in life, and especially with mechanical watches, there’s much more hidden underneath the external appearances. It’s behind the dial where the most important part of a timepiece lies. Remaining unseen in all but a few …

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Best Affordable Watches for Women

20 Best Affordable Watches for Women

The world of watches is primarily oriented to men, but that doesn’t mean there are no gems out there for women who care about high end timepieces. And high end doesn’t always need to come with sky high prices. But with women in general showing a bit less interest for …

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