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About Skagen Watches

Brief Company History

Skagen Denmark came to be when its founders – Henrik and Charlotte Jorst – moved to New York (from Denmark) in 1986. Initially focusing on manufacturing corporately-branded gift watches, Skagen introduced their first original watches in 1991.

In 2012, Fossil acquired Skagen as a wholly-owned subsidiary. Today, Skagen Denmark is known for their fashion-forward designs in both their watches and other accessories.




Richardson, USA

Average MSRP:

Under $200


Featured Skagen Watch Review

Skagen Ancher SKW6082 & Skagen Holst SKW6065

Skagen Holst SKW6065 Review

Skagen is quite popular and seems to be gaining popularity every day. It makes no secrets of its fashion watch intentions, and in that area it has also priced itself accordingly.

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