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WYCA Christmas Guide: 25 Watches for Her

By Don Camacho


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Warm up the eggnog; Christmas is upon us! It’s a time of giving, a time of sharing memories with the ones close to you and time to make someone cry! …With gifts. So you’re probably in this page to get some help on finding someone for your special woman: sister, aunt, wife, girlfriend… It’s okay, we got your back.

Let WYCA take you through a magical journey of watches galore that will suit every price point. Time to hold hands and jump in!

Under $100

Nixon A099710 Kensington

First one up on the block is this lovely example from Nixon. The Kensington is a fine, dressy example of a no-frills watch that has a simple design. At 36mm, it’s perfect size for all women and the design definitely has a modern, casual vibe. There are various colors to choose from, but we’re big fans of all gold as an awesome daily watch.

Swatch Skeletal SUON102

Next one is from Swatch from their Skeletal line. Featuring a full frontal exposed mechanism, this watch is a great match for the industrial woman in your life who is curious about modern design and mechanics. It’s an all plastic enclosure so it’s less sturdy as the steel counterparts but it’ll be an eye-catcher for sure.

Fossil Jacqueline ES3793

This piece from Fossil has great wrist presence and aesthetically pleasing. The ‘Jacqueline’ has a 36mm steel case and has classy roman numeral indicators on a white face. It’s simple and offers a date feature, so it has great value. A great companion for a dressy party, with a floral dress. This would be a great summer companion for the woman in your life!

Skagen 358SSSBD

The Danes nailed it again, designing great watches through Skagen. At 26mm, this one is smaller than the watches you’ve looked at so far but with a black face and jeweled Swarovski markers, it definitely has presence to anyone that wears it. Featuring a unique mesh bracelet, this is a jeweled example for a black-tie affair.

Timex Easy Reader T2N790

This example from Timex is from their Easy Reader collection, so it has a big face at 38mm and features contrasting multi-colored indicators on an all-black motif. The rainbow markers definitely gives it pop and would be good for the trendsetters in your life that likes to be unique instead of conforming to status quo.

Between $100 and $250

Citizen Silhouette EX1420-50E

The ‘Silhouette’ from Citizen has unique presence thanks to that cross-linked bracelet. At 23mm, the watch is a tiny piece but the bracelet really makes it stand out from the competition. The steel bracelet design really pops on someone’s wrist, and adds class to an already stellar watch. Featuring EcoDrive, the solar power will help your watch running for a long time.

kate spade Holland KSW1309

We have a soft spot for kate spade designs, because of how bright and creative their watches are. The ‘Holland’ is no exception! Featuring a hummingbird as a central focal point, the nice floral patterns surrounding it adds depth and is a great detailed watch overall. For the art lover or the botanist in your life, this is a great watch to give to her!

Bulova Mother of Pearl 98L198

For the classy and elegant woman, here is a great example from Bulova. Featuring a Swarovski crystal bracelet and bezel, this watch is covered in pageantry and panache. With a mother of pearl face, this 25mm watch is a great accessory for a fancy event or a dinner party that needs more flair.

Daniel Wellington Sheffield DW00100139

DW is a great example of getting in touch with your demographics. With a huge social media footprint, this Swedish company gained traction through their followers and produce great watches that speaks to the millennial crowd. If your woman loves to do selfies, or has lots of followers then the Sheffield watch is great for her. Featuring a rose gold case and accents against a black face, it will definitely pop and stand out; just like her!

Invicta ‘Disney Limited Edition’ 22872

If she loves the Disney crew, then she’ll love you for getting this piece from Invicta. A ‘Disney Limited Edition’, this 38mm watch is covered with crystal and features Minnie Mouse herself in many stages of greatness. It will definitely be a conversation starter and with an all steel case, it’s not too outlandish. If it were all gold, then it’s a different story but the Minnie Mouse motif is enough for it to stand out.

Between $250 and $500

Technomarine TM-115203 Cruise

Quick! Is anyone a marine biologist? If she loves being oceanside, then this example from Technomarine would fit her to a tee. At 30mm, it’s not a big example but the gold motif is a great jewelry accessory. The focal point is at the watch face, which features a jeweled fish design and is a great focal point. It’s a great design and if you stop being koi with her, you’d get this right now.

Movado Classic Museum 2100004

You want a design that has stood the test of time? Movado. Done. The Museum watch is part of horology history and owning one is great for any watch fan. Featuring a contrast marker at 12 o’clock, this Movado stays true to the history it made for itself and proudly displays it.

Michael Kors Portia MK3638

Michael Kors is known for creating great handbags and their watch collection matches their handbag philosophy: great designs for great value. This 37mm ‘Portia’ is a stainless steel watch that has steel hour markers with a jeweled seconds indicator at 6 o’clock. The seconds indicator creates a feminine touch to an otherwise modern design that can be seen as too ‘cold’. It’s a great addition to a dress watch collection for her.

Eone Bradley

Eone has a unique take on timekeeping. The ‘Bradley’ offers an hour marker in the form of a sphere going around the watch. The unique part is that the time can be determined both by touch and sight. Depending on where it’s located, you can decipher the time based on intervals, mostly 15 minute intervals. It’s a different approach to time and shows human ingenuity, especially for the visually impaired.

Nixon Monarch A2881698

This one from NIxon is more brash than the first example we saw earlier. The ‘Monarch’ has a chunky, ‘steampunk’ vibe with sharp edges and a chunky, huge wrist presence. At 38mm, it’s no slouch and this watch would work best for someone who loves to be in touch with their tomboy side.

Between $500 and $1,000

Marc Jacobs Mandy MJ3549

Oh Mandy, you came and you gave without taking… Oh wait, wrong one. This Marc Jacobs example is a unique example in our life because it features a 34mm square case on a gold motif. With different jeweled hour markers, it adds uniqueness to anyone that wears it. For the gal that loves to show off and has a creative mind, snag this one! She’ll love it.

Rado DiaStar R12559033

A classic design from Rado is the DiaStar line. With a jeweled face and an all gold casing, it oozes sophistication that other watchmakers can barely match. Featuring linked bracelets and that massive case to house the goodness within it, the Rado should be a staple for the classy woman.

Seiko Solar SUP030

This Seiko piece from Japan is built more as jewelry than a functional watch. At 15mm, this watch is more of a bracelet but still offers the option of timekeeping if you wish. This watch would be perfect for a formal event where you need something discrete to accessorize your already perfect ensemble.

Swarovski Crystalline 5158972

If you want something that will make you the belle of the ball, let Swarovski help you out with this one. Jeweled like no other, this gold example would be a definite conversation starter to anyone looking for the attention they deserve. This watch will be as special as the lucky woman getting it for Christmas.

Versace Vanitas VK723 0015

The Vanitas offers an Italian flair that other watchmakers have issues matching. The Vanitas has a unique bracelet design with a meander bezel. At 40mm, this is a big watch and has bold presence. If your woman loves to be in touch with fashionistas, then this watch is a solid contender for a gift idea this holiday season.

Over $1,000

TAG Heuer Aquaracer WAY1312.BA0915

From TAG Heuer comes this great piece from their Aquaracer line. With a mother of pearl inlay on a stainless steel case, this watch has a bright motif that embraces class and good taste. It’s a great daily watch as the stainless steel bracelet and case fits in both semi-formal and very casual environments.

Omega Constellation

The Constellation by Omega has the same material approach as the TAG Heuer but spun a different way. At 24mm, this is smaller than the Aquaracer and has hour indicators within the chunky steel bezel. This Omega example is more traditional in design and not as sporty as the Aquaracer, but still a great choice nonetheless.

Longines La Grande Classique L42092878

From Longines come a classic gold piece that is definitely a standout watch. The La Grande Classique has a very thin case and a matte mother of pearl face with diamond hour indicators. At 5mm thick, this is a very light watch and has a great look with the diamond markers surrounded by gold. For a great night on the town, this is a great companion.

RADO Centrix R30555712

RADO has been at the forefront of modern design and this Centrix embraces that philosophy. Featuring a black ceramic and rose gold motif, this 28mm watch is experimenting with new materials done right. They love using ceramic and it works well in forming a modern and stately design. If your woman loves modern art and modernity in general, put this in her stocking.

Cartier Tank Solo W5200013

You really cannot go wrong with a Cartier watch. A French jeweler since the 1800s, the maison has created many legendary examples and the Tank is one of those legends. Inspired by military tanks, the Tank oozes power to anyone who wears it. A strong example of great watch design, the Tank is timeless and anyone who receives this watch would be a very lucky lady.

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