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20 Affordable Watches for Women We Love!

By Erik Rowe


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The world of watches is primarily oriented to men, but that doesn’t mean there are no gems out there for women who care about high end timepieces.

And high end doesn’t always need to come with sky high prices.

But with women in general showing a bit less interest for watches, it’s obvious there’s a smaller chance of finding good affordable watches for those of them who want one.

With that in mind, we set out to find some of the best affordable timepieces for women.

They may not have the same luxurious aesthetic of some of their pricier counterparts, but they’re still incredibly beautiful and stylish.

Digital or analog, there are quite a few interesting options out there, and we’ve rounded up some of the best, in our opinion at least.

Let’s take a closer look at them:

20. Gucci G-Frame

Gucci G-Frame

As one of women’s most beloved brands in the fashion industry, Gucci couldn’t have stayed aside when it comes to watches for women. This is why they’ve created the G-Frame, a simple, yet stylish watch.

Featuring a brightly colored canvas strap and a pearl dial that continues the same green and red color scheme of the strap will make the watch stand out anywhere.

The piece is Swiss made, so you can expect quality craftsmanship and longevity, rising up to Gucci’s fame.

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19. Michael Kors Pyper

Michael Kors Pyper

Well known for their fashion watches, Michael Kors is not a traditional watchmaker per se. That though, doesn’t make their Pyper women’s watch lesser than the other ones.

Sure the overall quality may not be as good as with a Seiko or Tissot for example, but it’s on the more stylish side of things.

The 38mm sized case might feel a little too big for some ladies, but the rose gold finish paired with the light pink strap make for a nice combination.

The dial is the star of the show here, with a white face, and crystals next to each of the applied metal hour markers.

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18. Citizen Women’s Eco-Drive Two-Tone

Citizen Women’s Eco-Drive Two-Tone

The Citizen Eco-Drive Two-Tone for women is an impressive timepiece.

Minimalist, yet highly functional, blending a classic aesthetic with simplicity and ease of use, this watch makes for a perfect daily wear.

It’s powered by a precise Japanese quartz movement, which draws its energy from the light of the sun, or any other source of light in the absence of the sun.

That also means it’s hassle free, so no battery change required, and no manual winding either. Water resistance is a good 100 meter, which means you can even go swimming or snorkeling with it.

Given all these properties, it’s the perfect watch to wear anywhere on a daily basis, from the office to a seaside vacation.

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17. Bulova Women’s Highbridge Substantial Ceramic & Stainless Steel

Bulova Women’s Highbridge Substantial Ceramic + Stainless Steel

The Bulova Highbridge for women, with a construction utilizing both ceramic and stainless steel, is an interesting timepiece at an intriguing price.

For less than $300, you’ll have no less than eight diamonds set by hand on a white mother of pearl dial. More than you could ever wish for at such an affordable price.

Add to that a high quality Japanese quartz movement powering the watch, a date window at the 3 o’clock position, and a superb combination between the white ceramic and the stainless steel, both on the bezel and on the bracelet, making this one of the best combinations between practicality and charm.

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16. Citizen Quartz EU2252-56P

Citizen Quartz EU2252-56P

There’s plenty of Citizen Quartz models available for women, but one the most chic of them is the reference EU2252-56P.

It’s elegant and traditional, and has a 23 mm sized case in a nice yellow tone, with a slim yellow gold bracelet that combines wonderfully with the rest of the watch.

The simple and beautiful dial is protected by a mineral crystal glass, so be more careful about scratches, and the 30 meter water resistance rating will require you to leave it outside the shower cabin.

On the other hand, the Japanese quartz movement that powers it is high quality, and the yellow gold sunburst dial and its gold finished hands make for a wonderful combination with the case and bracelet, giving this watch a very elegant appearance.

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15. Seiko Women’s SUP028

Seiko Women’s SUP028

An even sleeker woman’s watch, the Seiko Women’s, reference SUP028, is a solar powered timepiece with a good quartz movement, requiring no battery.

The aesthetic is impressive, with a rectangular shaped case that follows the lines of the stainless steel bracelet with its gold tone striping.

The gold tone bezel and crown of the case create continuity for the gold striping of the bracelet, giving a wonderful overall elegance to the watch.

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14. Casio Baby-G Women’s Watch Light Mint

Casio Baby-G Women’s Watch Light Mint

For less than $100, you can have a lovely digital watch in the form of Casio Baby-G Women’s Light Mint, with a 46mm case made from resin.

This watch is a comeback of the pastel hued Casio Baby-G’s of old, bringing back that 90s nostalgia.

The watch comes with a bold look, almost identical to the ones that came before it decades ago.

It’s got all the standard features of a digital watch and the high quality the Baby-G and G-Shock watches are known for.

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13. Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6

Stepping further into the digital watch realm, we’ve got probably one of the best smartwatches around, the Apple Watch Series 6, though a lot more pricier than the Baby-G above, and with a more serious look to it.

If the Baby-G looks playful in that soft pink colorway, the all black Apple Watch definitely means business.

On the other hand, the straightforward, utilitarian design makes it easy to use, and the many functions and features will impress anyone who wants to stay in control of their fitness and overall health.

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12. Invicta Women’s Pro Diver

Invicta Women’s Pro Diver

The Invicta Pro Diver is a popular watch, so it makes complete sense that the company made a nice and slim variant for women as well. 

The case is obviously smaller in size than the men variant, with 24.5 mm in diameter.

The watch keeps its sporty look and functionality, with the unidirectional bezel, and date window with magnifying glass at the 3 o’clock position.

The blue dial matches the bezel, while the golden handset creates a nice contrast.

What sets it apart and makes it more aesthetically pleasing is the yellow gold center links of the three link Oyster style bracelet that blend wonderfully with the yellow gold finish of the edge of the bezel and screw down crown.

Despite its name, water resistance rating is short of a diving watch, with only 100 meters.

But that doesn’t make it lesser as everyday wear for women who love the sporty aesthetic.

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11. Seiko 5 Women’s Automatic

Seiko 5 Women’s Automatic

Seiko 5 Women’s Automatic is a very popular choice due to its automatic movement, a rarity in this price range.

The design is sporty, comes with both a date and day complication, displayed at 3 o’clock, all housed in a 26mm stainless steel case.

Continuing the style is the stainless steel bracelet, making for a pleasant overall aesthetic. It’s not a dress watch due to its nature, but it’s elegant nonetheless.

The dial is protected by scratches by a Hardlex crystal, which isn’t as good as the sapphire, but it’s a compromise they probably had to make to keep price low.

Another compromise might be the 30 meter water resistance rating, which means you’ll have to spare it the shower.

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10. Victorinox Swiss Army Women’s Maverick

Victorinox Swiss Army Women’s Maverick

For an even sportier look, nothing beats the Victorinox Swiss Army Women’s Maverick watch. It comes in all black colorway, with a fine grain leather strap, and a sophisticated design that might be able to make it to more formal events as well.

The watch is powered by a quartz movement, and being Swiss made, you can expect nothing less but high quality and durability from it.

The matte black finish of the dial and case makes for a very interesting aesthetic, especially for a women’s watch. The case is made from hypoallergenic stainless steel.

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9. Tissot Women’s Cera Black Dial Diamond-Accented Ceramic Watch

Tissot Women’s Cera Black Dial Diamond-Accented Ceramic Watch

The Cera Black Dial Diamond-Accented Ceramic women’s watch from Tissot impressed us with its sleek and minimalist dial, and that gorgeous bracelet that uses black ceramic for its center link.

In terms of functionality and features, it’s a simple watch, powered by a good quartz movement, water resistant up to 30 meters.

But you won’t want this for its functionality, but for its overall elegance and sophistication that will make it stand out from any crowd.

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8. Daniel Wellington Petite Bondi Watch

Daniel Wellington Petite Bondi

Daniel Wellington Petite Bondi boasts one of the most minimalistic designs we could find on the market.

The simple color palette, predominately white, with a touch of golden case, hour markers and handset, makes for a stunning appearance.

It’s the perfect watch to wear in an office setting, but it’s also a good match for a more sophisticated wardrobe when needed.

The case is a little bit larger at 32mm, but it shouldn’t be such an issue, as it’s nicely held in place by the gorgeous fresh white leather strap.

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7. Breda Revel

Breda Revel

With less than $200 you can have a nice, square shaped watch from a lesser known watchmaker.

The Breda Revel is a more traditional oriented watch with a gold plated bracelet and a nice pattern that matches the overall aesthetic.

On the simplistic dial, there’s a touch of modern through the green hour and minute hands and the two rounded hour indices at 3 and 9 o’clock, which add even more appeal to the design.

The gold plated square case is only 18mm in size, but despite its size, it still offers a strong personality.

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6. Fossil Women’s Modern Courier Chronograph

Fossil Women’s Modern Courier Chronograph

The Fossil Women’s Modern Courier Chronograph manages to wonderfully combine the chronograph functionality with a very feminine watch design.

It’s both charming and sporty, with a rose-gold tone 40mm case and similar colored chronograph push buttons, crown, and crown guard.

The dial is large and white, but it’s nicely filled by rose gold Roman numerals, sword shaped hands, and the three chronograph sub dials.

The hands are luminescent, so they’ll be easily seen in the dark.

The watch is powered by a quartz movement and comes with a 50 meter water resistance, plenty for everyday activities no matter the weather.

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5. Hamilton Women’s Jazzmaster Viewmatic

Hamilton Women’s Jazzmaster Viewmatic

Hamilton has a great offer for women in the form of the Jazzmaster Viewmatic, one of the best watches priced under the $500 mark.

And being Hamilton, it obviously comes with a high end Swiss automatic movement, which makes this watch a must have for women who are impressed by analog watches.

The appearance of the watch is more than interesting, with a nice and sleek black dial, and pointy handset and hour indices.

There’s a date window subtly placed at the 3 o’clock position that doesn’t distract.

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4. Skagen Women’s Signatur

Skagen Women’s Signatur

The Skagen Women’s Signatur is another popular choice for its simple, minimalistic design.

It’s a very versatile timepiece that caters to a wide range of events, from the casual night out to more formal occasions that require a certain outfit.

The round stainless steel case is 30mm in diameter, with a 6mm thickness, which makes it comfortable for all day wear.

The steel mesh bracelet adds even more style, contrasting the roundness of the case, bezel, and small, unobtrusive crown.

The matte white sandblasted dial is impressive in its simplicity, with slim and long metallic hour indices and hands.

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3. Versace Flair Watch

Versace Flair Watch

With one of the most stunning designs we’ve found, the Versace Flair Watch is a must have for fashion conscious women.

Its rectangular shaped case is the same with as the stainless steel bracelet, which gives it a superb look.

The watch itself might not be as functional as others on this list, but the style is undoubtedly one of the most impressive.

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2. Bulova Classic Quartz

Bulova Classic Quartz

The Bulova Classic Quartz is another women’s watch that impresses a lot through that astonishing combination between the case and the bracelet, both in shape and in color palette.

The dial is traditional looking, with golden hands and indices that match the golden stripes on the bracelet and the small crown.

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1. Timex Women’s Easy Reader

Timex Women’s Easy Reader

The Timex Women’s Easy Reader isn’t the most expensive or the most modern watch in this list, but it provides that timeless, classic appearance and a charm that’s rarely seen in other watches.

Among its many other qualities, it’s one of the most affordable watches on the market, it might not be a fashion statement, but a very discrete and stylish addition to any outfit.

That’s also what makes it versatile.

Add to that versatility the ease of time telling thanks to its clean white dial with black Arabic numerals and black hands, and you’ve got yourself both a functional and stylish timepiece to wear anywhere.

The case is 25mm in size, water resistance is basic at only 30 meters, and the mineral glass above the dial might not be as protective as a sapphire glass, but for under $50, you get a lot more than usual.

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Final Thoughts

Women who have a passion for watches, but lack a hefty budget should not despair.

There’s enough models available on the market, both on the fashion side and on the functional side, and even wonderfully combining the two.

These 20 affordable watches for women are what we think some of the best you could find right now from an overall perspective.

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